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Fashionistas is a super-fantastic, epic length, fetish fucking extravaganza.  I have read the hype about Fashionistas for years: Winner of 11 AVN Awards including Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor and Actress (Rocco Siffredi and Taylor St. Claire), Best Cinematography, and Best Music; and I’ve been coveting this film ever since.  Could a mainstream porno live up to my S/m/fetish expectations?  For a film that normally retails at $80 a pop, is it worth it?  (You can actually get this film for $49.2o from PopMyCherry Shop!)

Well, yes, and Yes!  First of all, Fashionistas is over four hours long.  That’s four and a half hours worth of banging and latex-wearing fucking, spanking, rough hardcore sex scenes, realistic dominance and submission scenes, anal, oral, threesomes, foursomes and more-somes.

John Stagliano (Buttman-Evil Angel-King of Gonzo) filmed the movie in 35mm, which translates to a pure quality feature-length film that is in the same class of distinction as any mainstream film on the market.  The entire production quality is really amazing from picture to sound to editing.  The DVD set features 4 DVDs: two of the film (because it is really that long), one behind-the-scenes DVD, and a cool DVD soundtrack.  No expense was spared for the production of this film and Fashionistas is surely one of the most ambitious porns ever filmed.

Story line:

Rocco Siffredi plays Italian fashion designer Antonio who comes to American for inspiration to promote a new line of fetish fashions and ends up getting more than he bargains for.  Given that alone you can imagine the beautiful latex that is seeping out of this film.  This is any latex enthusiast’s wet dream come true.  He is sent a strange promotional DVD by Fashionista, an American fetish clothing company who pushes the boundaries of fashion into an S/m aesthetic.  Hidden within the DVD is a special bonus scene of sadistic S/m rituals that totally enthralls Antonio and catches his attention.

The DVD’s designer and Fashionista employee is the amazing Belladonna playing shy and geeky Jessie, which she surprisingly does very well.  But, Jessie is not as shy and geeky as she leads Antonio and everyone else to believe.  She’s got one objective in mind and his name is Antonio.  Soon she is vying for Antonio’s attention against her boss lady, Helena (Taylor St. Clair) who plays an assertive Dominatrix who even tops Antonio in a couple of scenes.  Helena is wicked as a hardcore bitch and her performance as an aggressive Top really comes across.

Soon Antonio is lead into their lair of debauchery: underground fetish clubs and dungeons where all manner of sadomasochism is performed onscreen. What follows is three hours of outrageous fuckery, crazy kink, foot worship and pinking, face sitting and smothering, face slapping and spitting, flogging and spanking, and bondage as well as hardcore sex performances such as oral deep-throating, lots of anal, and every position possible including amazing pile-drivers by Rocco.

By the end of the film, Jessie wins Antonio’s affections, over her boss Helena who is outraged.  Jessie stands up to Helena and Antonio finds out that the amazing line of fetish fashions he has been coveting was in fact designed by Jessie, who has received no credit.

The quality of this film is fantastic and the acting superb.  With twelve scenes of hardcore S/m play there is lots to watch in this film over and over again.  Plus, there is a real story that is fairly entertaining to watch, just in itself.  The Extra DVD contains over a half hour of extra footage, a two hour documentary, photo galleries, as well as hidden scenes, just like in the film.  The Fashionistas is an amazing feature-length filmic marathon that effectively unites hardcore adult porn with realistic fetish S/m action.  One of the best films I have seen do this since Caligula (1979).  This film is a must-have for fetish aficionados.

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    The movie that started it all for me :o) One of my favorites!

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