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Seven Minutes in Heaven: Coming Out

Seven Minutes in Heaven: Coming Out (2009)
Director- Courtney Trouble
Studio- Reel Queer Productions / Good Releasing
Cast- Carson, Puck Goodfellow, Joline Parton, Sophia, Tina Horn, Sarah Lee Sinful, Jae

Courtney Trouble (Reel Queer Productions) recently joined forces with and their new adult film production company Good Releasing, directing and producing four films already this year including Roulette, Nostalgia, Speak Easy and Seven Minutes in Heaven: Coming Out.  In case you don’t know who Courtney Trouble is, she is the creator of “the longest running queer porn site on the web” and her film Roulette won the Feminist Porn Award for Most Deliciously Diverse Cast just this year.  Her film company, Real Queer Productions “documents authentic, edgy, queer sex and culture with relevant, intelligent films inclusive of the many sexualities that identify as queer.”

And, the timing couldn’t be better.  Queer Porn is the new alt-porn of the adult industry, an up-and-coming genre that is making waves across the pornosphere with directors like Shine Louise Houston, Courtney Trouble and Madison Young, and queer adult film actors like Jiz Lee, Syd Blakovich, Dylan Ryan and many more.

“Seven Minutes in Heaven: Coming Out” is Trouble’s answer to reality porn, in which she gathers a amateur cast of diverse queer women and a transman Puck Goodfellow, puts them in a slumber party environment to play spin-the-bottle and Truth or Dare, and films the sexy frolicking that transpires.  With no script, no rules and no limits, the cast are free to explore their fantasies and desires with whomever they choose, a few of which part-take in every experience and scene they can get themselves into like sex-starved, greedy little hedonists.  Two of the cast have never participated of queer sex before or being filmed in a porn, and talk about their experience in behind-the-scenes interludes.

As you may imagine, what emerges is a fantastic fuck-fest featuring strap-ons and gang-bangs, spanking, roleplay and power exchanges, fisting and fingering, lessons in sucking cock, kissing, fondling and playful teasing.  Where one scene ends, the other begins and the sex and play seems to go on forever, with bodies changing places, a new strap-on here, a new twosome, threesome or foursome reveling in hot, sexy, authentic, queer, smoldering, diverse, inter-racial hardcore sex.  There is never a dull moment, and the chemistry between the cast and their enthusiasm is evident in their sparkling eyes, laughs and smiles, and orgasmic moans.

This film is every queer girl’s wet dream, and certainly one of my all-time fantasies.  I won’t go into a scene-by-scene, as you really have to see this film for yourself.  So, if you are a fan of queer porn and Courtney Trouble’s work, or if you are curious to what it’s all about and want a great jill’in off experience, go buy “Seven Minutes in Heaven: Coming Out” now from and Good Releasing.

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