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LA Pink

LA PINK (2009)
Studio- Burning Angel
Director- Joanna Angel
Cast- Joanna Angel, Draven Star, Misti Dawn, Coco Velvett, Andy San Dimas, James Deen, Brian Steet Team, Sean Michaels, Erik Everhard

I <3 LA PINK!  I have reviewed a few porn parodies including This Aint Star Trek XXX [my review] and Not the Brady’s: Marcia, Marcia, Marcia XXX [my review].  And, while I enjoyed both of the above, LA Pink is in a class all of its own.  It is funny, entertaining, full of nasty sex, hot alt porn girls and killer tunes.

LA Pink is a sexy spoof of the hit tattoo show, LA Ink starring Kat Von D.  It really is the perfect show to make a porn parody of with all the hot tattooed girls in it, and Joanna Angel was the perfect person to do it.  Joanna plays the shop owner Joanna Von Angel who is more interested in looking hot and having sex than doing good tattoos.  In fact, she ruins a few tattoos while talking on the phone and being distracted and then tells her clients it rocks.  Joanna is hilarious in this film and has written some very witty dialogue, making fun (in a nice way) of the show.  The other show peeps include Andy San Dimas and Coco Velvett, who, with Joanna’s help and permission put down the lowly shop girl assistant Misti Dawn, otherwise known as the shop bitch.  Draven Star plays Nicole Sevvven, Joanna’s rock star girlfriend, a parody of Motley Crue’s Nikki Six, in a gender-reversal. Then there is Brian Street Team, another tattooist who tries his hand at various hobbies including origami and knitting, to while away the hours of boredom because he can’t get a client.

The girls however do get a few clients, and instead of giving them spectacular tattoos, they have some raw and dirty sex with them.  Soon, Joanna’s shop gets so famous that one day in walks the fab Sean Michaels who does a comical job as the straight-laced CEO of Pizza Party Inc., who offers Joanna a deal she can’t refuse: her own line of pizzas; but she has to give up sex for the length of the contract.

The production value of this film is exceptional, from the well-written script by Joanna Angel, the actors who are able to pull off the lines, the perfect tattoo set, the video confessions, clothes and make-up, the sound and music, all superb and top notch.

But, what about the sex you may ask?  Well, there is a lot of that going on as well.  From the first solo scene with Joanna, to the six person orgy at the end, there are eight scenes in all, way more than most porn films can accomplish.  One scene that really stands out is Joanna and Sean Michaels and his big bad cock vs James Deen and Misti Dawn in another room as the scenes flash back and forth.  Sean is a fabulous pussy muncher, but even more fantastic is his huge cock.  Even Joanna marvels over it, and it takes quite a lot of foreplay and fucking until Joanna is able to take the whole thing while Sean slams it home.  The James Deen and Misti do sexual aerobics around the shop, and the sex is hot and furious.  Finally, Deen introduces Misti to the art of butt-fucking in one of the most gentle and loving scenes I’ve ever seen.  I was amazed at his restraint and compassion: truly worth seeing.

There are lots of other scenes that are rocking hot as well including Andy San Dimas, Coco Velvett, and Erik Everhard and the final orgy scene that is a tribute to James Deen’s stamina as he takes all the girls on one-by-one.

LA PINK is an alt-fuck sextrava-gonzo that is witty, fun, sextacular and should not be missed!  Get your copy at where you can also download hot images from the film!  BUY LA PINK HERE.

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