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The Extended Male Orgasm

In the new issue of Cosmo (May 2011), there is an article on the extended male orgasm that I thought was rather interesting.  Not that I read Cosmo much, but this article kind of popped out at me while I was browsing for the word “orgasm”.

According to Cosmo (and their expert sexologists), most guys average climax is about 5 seconds.  However, by practicing Extended Male Orgasm techniques, he can last up to 30 seconds (I’ve actually heard of guys prolonging and extending orgasm MUCH longer, but for the sake of this article 30 minutes sounds better than 5).  Here’s why…  When a guy gets way turned on 3 major hormones are produced in his brain–testosterone, dopamine and oxytocin. If teasing and foreplay are thrown into the mix, then these levels are intensified, thus intensifying and prolonging the Big “O”!

Scientifically Proven Seduction Plan

So, Cosmo came out with a scientifically proven seduction plan in 3 steps.  And, some of their tips make a lot of sense.

Step One: Pre-seduction

This is the part where you give him little teasing hints during the day leading up to a night of unforgettable sex.  This gives him time to fantasize about the night to come and what you may have planned for him.  The ideas is to tease and seduce without revealing too much and leaving lots to his imagination.  “…according to Lonann Brizendine, MD, author of The Male Brain, ‘When his mind has to fill in the gaps, it gets him mulling over all sorts of sexy possibilities, keeping him enticed and turned on for a long period of time.'”  This boosts his testosterone level (aka libido) and increases the dopamine,  which will drive his crazy with desire.

Step Two: Touch Seduction

The slow seduction continues once you get him in the bedroom.  The ideas here is to tease and titillate him with slow, seductive caresses, using your hands, fingers, lips, breasts, hair and any other body parts.  This releases the oxytocin which will make his orgasm more explosive.  According to Dr. Brizendine, the more “skin-on-skin contact” you have with him, the more this boosts the hormone.  But don’t overdo it.  Remember tease, so touch everywhere but his genitals, to create “erotic anticipation” to give him “another spike of dopamine”.

Step Three: Stop and Start

The three step is rather like Tantra, where you let him in, but only briefly and not all the way.  Take him to the peak of arousal, then slow it down or stop and change positions to get him to hold at that level. Bring him to the brink of climax repeatedly (2-3 times), until he can’t take it any more and when he finally comes, it will be pure ecstasy.

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  1. sam says:

    all these techniques work. perhaps the most important one is watching your breathing while in the sack. works magic in extending male orgasms.

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