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Is Dating Multiple Partners Right for You?

Dating multiple partners at once

Not everyone is into monogamy, and in fact there are many people out there who enjoy having more than one partner, whether it is romantic or sexual. This does not mean that we enjoy having multiple wives or husbands as much as we just like to have sex with different people; being free from the constraints of being limited to just the one partner. Some people are open about it, others just cheat on their partners, but we want to look at the former rather than the later: how is it like for a single person to date and sleep with multiple partners on a regular basis?

Is it a lonely lifestyle?

The first thing that people think is that this sort of highly sexualized lifestyle can lead to an emotionally hollow life, and whether that is true will depend on the person. Just because the situation isn’t so romantic doesn’t mean that there is no complicity between the different parties involved. Sure you are not into a serious relationship with that person (or those people), but it doesn’t mean you cannot share moments together and offer some form of companionship to each other. It is true that that complicity between partners will only go so far and certainly won’t see the levels seen in long-term partners; but two people who just have fun together can actually end up being quite close.

You’re not the only one

For most of us, it will depend how much you are ready to accept that your partner has sex with other people. Some of us a quite jealous and possessive, whilst others are free from those constraints. As long as you are not in a serious and committed relationship with your partners, then there is technically no reason for you to feel negatively about what they do when you are not around. The only thing you do however have to take into account is that if they (and you) are having sex with other people, then you need to emphasize on making sure that protection and safety is put at the forefront of your sexual activities. Don’t skip on using condoms, they are boring but they keep you safe from unwanted guests in your body. You can’t exactly call it ‘no-strings’ if you are full of regrets and worries the next day because you didn’t use protection. Stay covered, for you and for your partners and everyone will be fine, only good times ahead.

What about group sex?

Of course this has to come up. You’re having sex with multiple partners, so it’s only a matter of time before you try to get more than one person into the bedroom with you. The thing is that if you are at that stage of having multiple sexual partners, the reality is that they will probably be up for pushing those boundaries in the same way you are. So make the most of it, go sex dating, if you’re looking for a hook-up near you try this site and ask people around, you won’t be the first who has done it. Group sex doesn’t just happen in porn videos, it’s actually not that hard to get there when you’ve got a few partners. Start with a simple threesome, you’ll find that it still takes some practice. Pleasing two people is harder than just the one person, but it’s far from impossible!

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