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Sex with Puppets. A New Trend in Webcam Sex Industry?

Sex With a Dummy?

Okay, so… There’s this infamous story about a cam girl (Veronica Chaos) and how she became very popular with a strange performance during one of her cam shows. Chaos had been giving her usual shows and offering the same things that all cam girls offer. She had a decent audience, but nothing spectacular. During the day, she performed at one of the thousands of sex cams on the internet and at night she happened to practice ventriloquism. That would all change during one cam show where she had a little too much to drink.

Her dummy usually sat in the background of her bedroom while she interacted with her audience and showed herself off doing her usual thang. It wasn’t long before people started suggesting that she do the unthinkable with her beloved puppet and take their relationship to a whole new level.

The Creepy Dummy from the movie “Magic”.

Yes… She had sex with the Dummy


And, that gives a whole new meaning to getting a woody! Sorry, bad attempt at a joke, but couldn’t resist.

Maybe it was just the desire to grow her popularity, but it was most likely due to the alcohol that gave her a bit of liquid courage. Chaos tossed away her inhibitions and let her true passion for her dummy come out.

Well, when she awoke the next morning with a headache and groggy memory of the night before, events slowly came back to her. Her bedroom was a disaster with used sex toys strewn all over the place and there, next to the bed, her beloved dummy, Slappy. His wrinkled clothes and the penetrating gaze in his creepy green eyes, filled her with shame. She sprang out of bed and tossed the dummy away from her, unable to look him in the eye. She couldn’t believe that she had performed sexual acts on poor Slappy in front of a live audience. Her life would never be the same.

However, when she went to perform her usual cam show that evening, she had amassed a whole new set of followers. Her previous night’s performance, however impromptu, was just the thing she needed to stand out. She was now offering something unique that no other cam girl was doing. This was the key to growing her cam audience and, hey, she ran with it.

It was not long before she became the forefront of a whole new cam movement. Models from all over the world started having sex with dummies on cam and her audience grew from 10 or 20 people a show to several hundred at a time. Whoa!

Here is Chaos performing with her pal Slappy below…

It Makes Sense

It’s not difficult to see why a cam model having sex with a dummy would draw a crowd. It’s freaky, weird, unusual, strange, kinky, perverted, even taboo… and a little bit creepy. Just the right amount of freak-show naughtiness that is sure to draw a crowd. Remember the Carnies of the past? Fat ladies, midgets, pinheads and other oddities? Well, Chaos was taking that type of entertainment to a whole new level of freaky. I mean, having sex with a sex doll is one thing. But a ventriloquist Dummy is much more taboo. Dummy’s historically were used to entertain children, like dolls, so the thought of having sex with one is definitely on the “thou-shall-not-do” forbidden list, even if it is only on a subconscious level. (Wonder what Freud would say about having sex with a dummy?!)

And, then, there is the creepy factor. Did you ever see the movie “Magic”? Yes, seriously creepy, and I could never look at dummys the same way again.

Explore Your Kink

The moral of this story? If you are a cam girl and want to attract a large following… explore your kink. What special talent do you have that you can bring to your show? Can you stand on your head and shoot ping-pong balls from your vagina? Go for it! Explore your special thang and make yourself stand out from the crowd!

Photo by Robert Zunikoff on Unsplash


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