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Dai-do 5 by Big Teaze Toys

The Dai-dos are a new line of innovative, beautifully designed sex toys by Big Teaze Toys.  Big Teaze Toys are known for creating inventive and fun quality sex toys like their popular iconic Rub My Ducky vibrating massagers.  Their new line, the Dai-dos, are non-vibrating dildos (or instruments of enduring pleasure…) crafted from anodized Aluminum alloy.  Not too many sex toy manufacturers are creating metal sex toys, so this alone makes the Dai-dos unique.  But, what really makes these toys stand out is the distinctive design of artistically seductive forms which combine simple sophistication with practical function.

The Dai-dos come in six fundamental shapes, each designed for a certain purpose and function.  I received the Dai-do No.5 which is for “serious g-spot and p-spot (prostate) stimulation”.  At first, I really thought the design was more for anal play, but was assured that the Dai-do No.5 was a G-spot toy.  It was so different for any other G-spot toy I had ever used that I was a bit perplexed about how it would work, but eager to find out.

The Dai-do No.5 is made from solid Aluminum (with stainless steel trim) and weighs 14 oz, so feels quite substantial.  The large spherical handle is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand and the thick band of slip-resistant silicone makes it easier to position and control.  The Dai-do No.5 features a graduated ball design with three bulbous balls attached to the spherical handle, each getting slightly smaller toward the tip, much like graduated anal beads.  The insertable length is 3” with a diameter of 1 ½” at its largest circumference. Although the length seems trivial, it is more than enough to hit the G-spot which is normally about 1-2” inside the vagina.

For me, it was the second ball from the end that massaged my G-spot best.  I couldn’t quite fit the largest, third ball inside me, and the smallest ball on the end didn’t feel any different than the head of a regular rounded dildo.  It stimulated myself clitorally to begin and came way to quick.  But, that was fine as I was plenty warmed-up upon inserting the Dai-do.  I applied quite a bit of lube for insertion, but didn’t really need as much as I used as it made the ball handle too slippery.  So I wiped off the excess lube and then was able to hold onto the handle much better.

At first, when my G-spot was still unaroused, the Dai-do wasn’t particularly stimulating, but felt interesting.  I slowly moved it in and out, enjoying the cool sensation and getting used to the distinctive feeling of the balls rubbing against my G-spot.  This sensation was definitely something different and unique, something I have not experienced from any other sex toy design.  I wasn’t sure how much I liked it at first but continued to slowly pump it in and out and roll it around inside of me.  Soon—it didn’t take long at all—and the sensation turned from curious and indifferent to very erotic, and I began pumping it harder and faster as my G-spot swelled with pleasure.  Once fully aroused, my G-spot responded to the toy with passionate fondness and in no time I was squirting excessive amounts of hot gushing fluid.  I did this until my hand got tired and I couldn’t come anymore, which left me weak and blissed-out.  I had one of the best night sleeps I have experienced for a long while.

I am seriously impressed with the Dai-do Line from Big Teaze Toys, being one of the most innovative designs that I have seen in quite a while.  Big Teaze definitely deserves an award for this one.  They are gorgeously designed, quality products in which form meets function in the most sophisticated, yet simple way.  The Dai-dos are luxury sex toys and so attractively shaped that no-one would know that they were anything more that art objects, or chic back massagers.  Add to that the sexy metallic Red Devotion or Black Passion colors that the toys come in, and you have a stunning piece of erotic fine art perfectly suited for display.  The Dai-do is tactile and begs to be touched, so much so, that I find myself inadvertently playing with it like a serenity ball while it sits on my desk.  Being made of solid aluminum, the Dai-do is waterproof, non-porous, sterilizable and body-friendly.

Check out the whole line of Dai-dos from Big Teaze Toys.  You won’t be disappointed!

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