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Metal Sex Toys

Metal Worx Mr Smooth Probe 2

Metal Worx Mr Smooth Probe

I want to start out this review by saying I am very happy to be reviewing for a new sex toy shop is an awesome store and they have an amazing selection of some of the very best sex toys on the market.  They also have a great...

Dai-Do No.1 Review and Contest 40

Dai-Do No.1 Review and Contest

The countdown is on for “Green Sex Toy Month” with only a few days left.  So, today I’m pretty excited about our review and giveaway, the only metal toy that we have featured for the month, the Dai-Do No.1 from Big Teaze Toys. But, first, here’s how you can win...

The G-Pop 1

The G-Pop

When I was doing my strange sex toy reviews, the G-Pop would have been a good addition.  Not that it is bizarre like the replica Wolf Penis I reviewed, or blasphemous like the Jackhammer Jesus, or even fantastical like the Dragon’s Tongue… But, it definitely is not what I ever...

Dai-do 5 by Big Teaze Toys 1

Dai-do 5 by Big Teaze Toys

The Dai-dos are a new line of innovative, beautifully designed sex toys by Big Teaze Toys.  Big Teaze Toys are known for creating inventive and fun quality sex toys like their popular iconic Rub My Ducky vibrating massagers.  Their new line, the Dai-dos, are non-vibrating dildos (or instruments of enduring...

Njoy Pure Wand 5

Njoy Pure Wand

I have been coveting an NJoy Pure Wand ever since I saw Nina Hartley’s “Guide to Female Ejaculation” [my review] when Anna Mills squirts copious amounts of girl cum while using this ultimate G-spot wonder toy.  Before that, I had squirted on occasion but wasn’t in control of my G-spot...

Alumina Revolve Dildo 1

Alumina Revolve Dildo

The Alumina Revolve Dildo is a fantastic idea.  What is it?  Well, it is a double-ended dildo made from aeronautical-grade aluminum that is anodized so it will not corrode or wear.  These cool dildos screw apart in the middle so you can attach either end to another dildo in the...