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“Cheeky Spanking Stories” Erotic Reading Review

“Cheeky Spanking Stories”, a collection of erotic stories from Cleis Press and edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel, is an erotic anthology fully focused on spanking. With 223 pages and standard, easy-to-read Cleis Press formatting, “Cheeky Spanking Stories” includes 23 different short stories that focus around spanking. The cover clearly shows a spanked, pantied-butt on it, so it’s really not quite so suitable for public reading. (Also, as a personal preference, I absolutely hate this cover. I think it’s one of the worst Cleis Press book covers I’ve ever seen. But I can see how it fits the topic of the erotica book as well.)

As you can imagine from the title, all of the stories in this collection are focused on spanking. Spanking sometimes is just a part of the story, and in other times, it’s the focus of the story. There usually is some other type of sexual activity that goes alongside the spanking, but for the most part, all of the stories are focused on the sexual activity. The stories vary on who is included. These are most heterosexual couples, but there are a couple more-than-two-people scenarios and a couple homosexual ones as well. Most of the couples seem to have known each other in some sexual capacity before the story takes place, but there are a couple stories where the two people have just met as well.

This collection of stories is enjoyable to read. I am not one that likes being on the receiving ends of spankings, but it was nice to see that both the receiving end and the giving end were well balanced out. Sometimes it’s in the third-person and sometimes its in the first person of either the giver or the receiver. This means that you can enjoy these spanking stories no matter which end you prefer being on.

Along with this, like all Cleis Press anthologies, all of the stories are well-written and enjoyable. None of them have awful grammar, and they all give a great job of balancing out the plot of the short story along with adding in enough sex to make it a great example of erotica. In particular, with this collection, Rachel Kramer Bussel did a great job of arranging the stories. You never feel like you’re reading a similar story twice in a row – even if a story that’s semi-similar appears later in the book. This keeps everything feeling really fresh and enjoyable to read.

To give you an idea of some of the arousing stories included in this collection, here are some of my favorites:
In “Proxy” by Lucy Hughes, a bisexual male couple enjoys spanking. This particular day, one of the guys of the couple is off on a business trip and away from home, so the remaining partner thinks he’s off the hook for his regular spanking. However, he’s surprised when an attractive female rings the doorbell, and his partner informs him that he has a proxy to stand in for his spanking this week.

In “Marks’ by Rachel Kramer Bussel, a male and female couple who loves spanking is attending a nudist resort. She’s holding back on allowing him to leave marks, though, because she doesn’t want to stand out as a weird kinky person. When she finds another woman wearing her spanking marks as a badge of pride, though, and then ends up in a hottub with this woman, things change.

And while I’ve read this one in another book, I still love “The Spanking Salon” by Elizabeth Coldwell. After this woman hears about an exclusive, male-only club on campus where a female is spanked while others watch, she steals her sick friend’s invitation and dresses up as a guy to gain access. With a change in plans, though, it becomes obvious she isn’t a guy, and then she becomes the center of the attention through a spanking.

As a note, Rachel Kramer Bussel also did a fantastic job of including a lot of different TYPES of spankings. As anyone who delves into the world of spanking will tell you, spanking is a wide and varied area. For example, there are people who only enjoy spanking as a type of punishment, there are people who only like spanking and no other BDSM, and there are people who like spanking and other types of BDSM too. It’s a varied community. Rachel Kramer Bussel did a great job of picking out stories that help span the range of people who just enjoy spanking.

I liked “Cheeky Spanking Stories“. All of the stories were enjoyable to read, and all of them featured hot spanking. Despite them all being focused around spanking, though, they all still had an element of surprise and newness – even towards the end of the book. This is a sign of a well-done anthology, and if you enjoy spanking, “Cheeky Spanking Stories” could be a great anthology for you. Thanks to Cleis Press for sending out this spanking erotica book.

The Erotic Reading Review is a regular column written by Kayla. This column brings you reviews over erotica, instructional, and other types of sex-related books.

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