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Bride of Sin

Bride of Sin
Director: Madison Young
Studio: Madison Bound/ Blowfish Video
Released: 2007
DOP: Shine Louise Houston
Cast: Madison Young, Claire Adams, Ariel X, Selina Raven

Bride of Sin is Madison Young’s third directorial film in which she explores the sadomasochistic eroticism of Catholic symbolism.  In the film Madison plays a naughty bride-to-be who is not quite ready to take her vows of monogamy when she cheats on her fiancé Selina Raven.  She may be blushing, except it is not due of her purity, but from the penance she must pay to Father Claire Adams for her sinful whoring ways.

The film begins at Madison’s bachelorette party where she commits her first sinful act by having sex with her Maid of Honor, Ariel X.  Ariel gives Madison a little lap dance and seduces her into sin.  The scene features a bit of face slapping, dildo play, and foot worship which Madison seems quite fond of.  In the following scene, the pair go to the wedding rehearsal at the church, but never make it out of the pew.  The scene features a lot of sexy kissing, strap-on sex, and doggie-style anal.  The scene ends with Madison binding Ariel in rope and eagerly sucking her pussy.

Selina Raven, Madison’s bride to be dominates Madison in the next scene spanking her pale full ass, tying her up and using her strap-on to violate her aching pussy, then ends by dunking Madison’s face in the toilet.  Obviously, she knows what that naughty slut of hers has been up to and is not pleased.  I liked the energy in this scene and wished it had of been a bit longer.

The film climaxes when Madison realizes she must go confess to Father Claire Adams.  This is the film’s crowning thorn of glory as Madison must atone for her sins like a modern day fem-Christ.  She is first cleansed in holy water and then Claire shaves her pussy to rid her of her filth.  Next Madison is suspended upside-down, her head repeated dunked in a large bucket of holy water.  Finally, Madison is strung up like a crucified Jesus, undergoes flagellation by Claire’s flogger, and finally hot red wax is poured on her naughty deceitful sex like a bloody stigmata.

Bdsm enthusiasts who enjoy Christian iconography with S/M play and bondage will especially enjoy this scene.  Claire Adams is fantastic as a strict and cruel disciplinarian who leads Madison eventually into salvation, but not before she makes her play for her sins with a pound of Madison’s blushing flesh.

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