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Bottle Rocket


This is the last review in my series of Rocket Reviews. So far I’ve reviewed the Original Pocket Rocket [my review], The Jimmyjane Iconic Pocket [my review], Jenna’s Rocket Booster [my review], Pocket Rocket Plus [my review], Berman’s Athena vs Shane’s World Power Massager [my review], Starburst by Vibratex [my review], and the Hello Kitty vibe [my review]. Next week I will be doing a round-up comparison review of all the rockets together.

So, today we are looking at the Evolved Bottle Rocket which won an “O” Award at the AVN Novelty Expo for Best Packaging Design. And, the packaging is very cute. It looks like the retro-style clear pop bottles, with the rocket vibrator inside. But, when I’m looking for a vibrator I don’t buy it for the packaging (although that is a bonus) but for the design and power of the vibe itself.

The Bottle Rocket is not a traditional-style pocket rocket design. Mine, the Orion, has a rounded tip, and not the usual tip with small stimulating balls. It also un-screws at the bottom, rather than mid-way. It is 1 speed, which can be turned ON | OFF with a little press button on the base. The power is about the same as the Original Pocket Rocket, which is about low-medium buzz-like intensity. It is also waterproof, like the entire Evolved line. It has a pretty, sleek design and is discreet. Like all rockets, it is meant for clitoral stimulation.

I love the design of this toy, but I would prefer a vibe that has more speeds and power. I hope Evolved consider this and come out with a Bottle Rocket 2. Other than that, this is a great little vibe and would be best for beginners.

On a side note, Evolved also sent me their brand new, not-in-stores-yet, Speeding Bullet. This little sucker rocks! It has 5 functions / speeds from a steady vibration to osculating sensations and is very powerful for something so small. More powerful than the Bottle Rocket in fact. Keep your eyes peeled for this excellent little bullet that will be on the market this fall.

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