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Bettie Page Bad Girl Blackout Blindfold Review

Lately, I’ve been reviewing products from the beautiful Bettie Page Collection from  These include the Faux Leather Wrist Cuffs, the Collar and Leash Set, and the Picture This Spanking Paddle.

Today I’m reviewing the Bettie Page Bad Girl Blackout Blindfold which is exquisite.

Made of synthetic silk, this blindfold has a smooth satin-like finish that feels exquisite on the body and could be used as a sensation play toy all on its own.  Imagine closing your eyes and having the sensually smooth extra-long tethers caressing your skin.

The blindfold part is thickly padded and quilted, with faux leather, so feels soft and comforting against the eyes.  The inner wire frame molds perfectly to the contours of your face, so you can’t see anything and are plunged into a dark sea of velvety blackness.  This blindfold works better than any other I have used at creating total darkness while remaining sensually lush and comfortable against the skin.  The long silken tethers (54” in length) allow you to tie the blindfold as tightly as needed to keep the blindfold secure.

Blindfolds are very sexy accessories that allow for sensory play, allowing the wearer to immerse themselves completely by limiting their vision, which in turn fires up their other senses. Suddenly, every noise, touch, or whispered breathe becomes charged with eroticism when your other senses are enhanced and aroused.

Like all Bettie Page products, this blindfold comes in a lovely storage box, with sexy Bettie Page pin-up art featured on the inside of the cover.  Also included are a small collector’s Bettie Page card and a cute, sexy little key chain with Bettie Page on it.  Just the packaging itself is gorgeous and makes for a perfect gift.

The Blindfold would be perfectly partnered with other toys from the collection, like the cuffs, collar and spanking paddle reviewed above.  Collect the toys one by one, or surprise your sweety with the entire collection by shopping at my sex toy shop HERE.

Thank you to LoveHoney for providing these review products!


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