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The Axis by Liberator


Okay, you may be wondering why I am reviewing a pillow.  Well, the Axis by Liberator is not just any old pillow.  It is a Liberator Shape designed to enhance position sex-play.  What do I mean by position?  I mean, Kama Sutra , baby!  Bow-chica-wow-wow!

Kalyana Malla, writer of the Ananga-Ranga, an Eastern text that includes the Kama Sutra, believed that couples grow bored of sex with each other because of lack of varied sexual pleasure and monotony.  The cure, he thought, was a healthy sexual imagination, and varying sexual positions, thus creating the Kama Sutra asanas.  Yet, many of these sexual positions are extremely difficult to do without the aid of support (unless you are an aspiring porn star) and the most difficult often provided the most stimulation and sexual satisfaction.

That is where the Axis comes in.  The Axis is a slight wedge-shape support form with a rounded end that gives one partner (usually the one being penetrated) extra elevation so they can comfortably perform various positions, such as described in the Kama Sutra.  Lazy Doggie? No problem.  Frog Position?  Ribbit!  Raised Missionary? Get it on.  The Plough, The Clam, The Pearl, and The Cobra… All positions you can easily and comfortably achieve using the Axis.

But, why bother using a pillow or shape during sex?  For one thing, it allows you to lay comfortably aligned with your partner, so there is no strain or stress on your back or other body parts which allows you to stay in the positions much longer.  The Axis allows you to also get into poses that normally would be a struggle, and these poses allow for greater penetration as well as G-spot and anal positioning, thus maximizing pleasure. The Axis also acts as a pivot point when wedged under the knees to allow for firmer, deeper thrusting.  For oral sex, it is great for lifting the genitals up so your oral facilitator doesn’t get a kinked neck (kinky-good, kinked neck-bad).  Finally, the Axis supports you hands-free.  This allows your hands freedom to caress, grope, fondle and titillate.  And, you know how we are big fans of titillations!

The Axis is made of a very firm inner core which provides stability and doesn’t lose its shape during positioning.  The rounded edge also allows for some serious rocking actions so you can get your groove on.  It features a waterproof covering (great for female ejaculation!) that is removable for washing (available in Microfiber and Pebble Fabric), in a wide variety of colors.  This coating is unique and also sticks to other Liberator Shapes so you can pair them up for even more unique and advanced positions.  And, like everything made by Liberator, you know you are buying a quality product and not just some lame old blow-up balloon shape covered in cheap faux velvet that collects lint that reminds you of a cheesy Elvis painting.  If fact, the Axis is chic enough to keep out on the coach as a pillow and is perfect for watching TV or reading a book (when not being used for sex, that is).

You can get the Axis, or the Axis Hitachi, which is the same shape but with a Hitachi pouch for all you Hitachi lovers, so hands-free self-loving.  Buy the Liberator Axis or any of Liberator’s other cool products and receive 15% off with the Liberator store coupon: MORE.

With a purchase over $50, you will also get the Love Artists Gift which is an extra $52 value for FREE.  The Love Artist Gift includes a lovely Zomi sex toy storage bag (I <3 ZOMI), a Kama Sutra DVD which demos the various positions using Liberator Shapes, the Better Sex DVD, Strawberry Astroglide and a Liberator Catalog.

Love Artists Kit

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