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“Best Women’s Erotica 2013” Erotic Reading Review

"Best Women's Erotica 2013" Erotic Reading ReviewBest Women’s Erotica 2013“, a book of erotic short stories published by Cleis Press, is edited by Violet Blue. A collection of sexy women’s erotica published for the year, this book includes 188 pages and 18 different stories. Each story is written by its own author, and Violet Blue edited the collection together to make a full book of short, erotic stories designed to tease and arouse people – specifically geared towards females though males would enjoy the story as well.

The theme of this collection is a bunch of erotic stories, deigned to be some of the best, and targeted towards females. That means, in most cases, that the main character of the story is a female. While she may have sex with a guy or a girl, the main character is a female and is usually doing something adventurous for herself.

I actually found that I really enjoyed this book. All of the stories were well-written, like I expect from Cleis Press, and all of the stories were surprisingly arousing. There wasn’t any particular plotline or character line that all of the stories followed, but by using this, the editor, Violet Blue, still managed to arrange the stories in a way that makes the book feel like one, large, cohesive whole. It’s very impressive, and it made the reading experience very enjoyable as well.

All of the stories were impressive. I can’t say that there was a single boring story. I liked some stories better than the others, but as a whole, all of the stories were arousing and definitely had earned their way into this erotica collection. None of them are particularly “kinky”, but each one has very unique and sexy plotlines that make them stand out from your traditional erotica, too.

I had a couple favorite stories in this collection, so I’ll give you a sneak peek of some of the items you can read about:

“The Spanking Salon” by Elizabeth Coldwell: Hearing about an exclusive, male-only spanking club on campus, a girl steals her male friend’s invitiation and clothes, and sneaks into the club. When the other club members start to masturbate in front of her, though, the members figure out her secret – and she becomes the leading star to aid in their spanking adventures.

“Being His Bitch” by Janine Ashbless: When the couple signs up to go to a “Pet Night” at their local BDSM club, the woman is dressed in virtually nothing but body paint while her Master leads her around the club. Being on display turns her on, though, and she soon find another “puppy”-boy ready and willing to help bring her out of her arousal.

“Last Call” by Alison Tyler: A regular at a bar, she isn’t sure what quite to expect when she invites the other regulars to stay past the bar’s closure and help her fulfill her fantasies of an orgy. With five men to take on, this story leads in interesting and erotic ways as the bar closes down.

“Highly Inspired” by Alyssa Turner: A regular business woman on a flight, she finds herself slightly distracted when a cute and laid-back guy is seated next to her on her regular flight. When she finally sets down to do her paperwork, she finds that her cute seatmate sounds like he’s having phone sex, they find themselves needing a blanket to hide exactly what’s going to go on next.

Whether you’re male or female, I can easily see a wide variety of people enjoying this collection of erotica. A couple of the stories can be found in other books, but those are really great stories, so I’m glad to see them included anyway. This book is arousing, has high-quality stories that are pushing “normal” boundaries without being too kinky, and just is an overall fantastic erotica collection. Thanks to Cleis Press for sending out “Best Women’s Erotica 2013” for review.

The Erotic Reading Review is a regular column written by Kayla. This column brings you reviews over erotica, instructional, and other types of sex-related books.

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