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“Best Women’s Erotica 2012” Erotic Reading Review

Best Women's Erotica 2012Best Women’s Erotica 2012“, an erotic book published by Cleis Press and edited by Violet Blue, is yet another of the annual erotica collections that Violet Blue publishes yearly. This collection of erotica has 192 pages, and in those pages, it includes 18 different stories. The front cover clearly shows a woman lounging in her panties, so unless you can hide the front cover, this book may not be suitable for reading in public.

The theme for this book is “Best Women’s Erotica”, as I’m sure you could guess. However, as stated in the introduction of the book, Violet Blue makes sure to go out of her way to make sure that the stories in this book are just as carnal and lustful as what you’d find in “men’s erotica”. She finds that while some women do love the flowery, romantic erotica, just as many love the passionate, do-me-now, kinky sex as well, and she wanted to make sure that all different types of sexual enjoyment and expression were expressed through this book. So just be prepared to enjoy erotica that isn’t just the typical flowery romance that may be offered by other erotica books.

I must admit that I enjoyed almost all of the stories in this book. There were a couple that seemed a bit too tame for me, but for the most part, all of the stories were sexy, wild, and had a lot of lusty action in them. I loved the fact that many of them were more “kinky” than most women’s erotica usually is, and it’s like many of the stories were designed especially to help you fulfill fantasies such as about BDSM or about threesomes. A lot of them were really hot stories!

While not all of the stories in this book were my absolute favorites, there were definitely some stories that stood out more to me than others. Some of my favorites:

“The Magicians” by Valerie Alexander: In this one, childhood friends, who had a threesome that drove them all apart, meet together again during a party after a long absense. The sexual pull brings them all back together again, and this story includes a very hot male/male/female threesome.

“Neighborly Relations” by Dorianne: When her neighbor brings one of his friends, the main female character ends up in bed with the friend. However, it just really was pretty boring. The next time they all meet up at the neighbor’s apartment to hang out, she accidentally blurts out that he really wasn’t that impressive. With the friend’s ego ruined, he boasts about how he can do better – and she challenges him to show her right then and there. This one turns into a giant, sexy group sex party with the female character in bed with the three other guys in the story.

“A Wider World” by Donna George Storey: A man and wife couple accidentally stumbles across another man-and-wife couple, and they make the decision to share their sex lives. Watching each other from across a room, each couple shows off their sexual techniques while the other watches. This one is unique, sexy, and realistic.

“A Big Deck” by Rosalia Zizzo: A game of poker turns sexual when the single female player in the room runs out of money – and the guys allow her to ante up her clothing instead. With her eye on one of the guys in particular, everything turns sexual in an instant. This one is definitely hot and includes exhibitionism.

I like where Violet Blue took this book. Instead of the typical romantic-always, never-kinky erotica that I’m used to being classified as “women’s erotica”, this book includes fun, kinky stories, some threesomes and more somes, and doesn’t always have to include soft, romantic sex. Yes, some of the stories do, but Violet Blue does a great job of putting together a collection that includes sexy and hot action from all types of action. Thanks to Cleis Press for providing “Best Women’s Erotica 2012” for review.

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