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Female Ejaculation and the G-spot


female ejaculation and the G-spot

For the past few weeks I have been reading Deborah Sundahl’s “Female Ejaculation and the G-spot”. This book is absolutely fantastic! Whether you are just learning about your G-spot and have never ejaculated, or see yourself as a pro, this book has much to offer every woman, and lover of women.

I thought I knew quite a bit about the G-spot before reading this book, but I learned a lot through both the practical theory, as well as the “workshop” exercises that I completed during each chapter. I found this was the best way to get the most out of the book, by reading the data, then following the exercises and practicing what I had learned.

Deborah Sundahl is a G-spot expert and has been teaching about the G-spot and female ejaculation for 20+ years. This book is the culmination of her knowledge and experiences as the facilitator of numerous workshops, in which she taught women G-spot pleasure and how to ejaculate. It is easy to read, practical knowledge, and broken into well-organized chapters that you can read from start to finish or skip around, as she tells you where more information on certain aspects are available in the book.

Chapters include:

  • Peek inside a Female Ejaculation Workshop
  • What is Female Ejaculation?
  • Techniques
  • Embracing the Feminine Spring

Each of these chapters is further broken down to explain in detail: female anatomy, the physiological and emotional aspects of sexual exploration, G-spot exercises, types of orgasms, the best positions for G-spot sex, techniques, sex toys, history and theory on the G-spot, including some useful (if dated) resources. There are also aspects that touch on healing, sexual health, as well as sexual spirituality. There are also numerous anatomical illustrations that are very accurate and helpful.

Sundahl treats her subject matter as the “scared feminine” which may be a bit off-putting to some people and a little too esoteric. The book also doesn’t really address men or lovers, although the information can be used by all. Still, the information is valuable and not esoteric what-so-ever. This is the best book on this subject by far. Older books are neither as concise nor easy to read, and newer books are merely knock-offs on this one, written with less experience.

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7 Responses

  1. Wow…finally received my book Female ejaculation and the G-spot.I think that I´m like a teenager in bead. Meaning that I´ll read the book next night from cover to cover.
    And after that I can start really enjoying the very interestingly
    written book.

    Thank You Domina

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