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Introducing Danny Wylde! would like to welcome Danny Wylde as our newest contributing author, with his new column: “Front-Line Hustler”. But, first, and introduction to Danny Wylde.

I watch a lot of porn and am pretty choosy with what I like to watch.  I mainly go for alternative, fetish (bdsm) and queer films, or what I call Chick Flicks, and there are not a whole lot of guys that I love to watch.  Danny Wylde (aka Daniel Wylde) is one of those exceptions.

Why do I love Danny Wylde?  For many reasons.  One, because he is so cute and adorable, and his personality always comes across on screen.  He seems like a real, down-to-earth person—a kind of boy next door—and his enthusiasm and love of women really comes across.  In an interview with Lucy Vonne, Danny says that his favorite sex position is Cowgirl, because he likes to see the woman’s face who he’s fucking, which tells me, he likes to get into the person he is with. He also enjoys giving girls G spot orgasms, which he has a talent for, so that tells me he is into giving pleasure to his film star partners, and is not only into it for himself.  For those reasons, Danny comes across as an authentic performer and always has a lot of chemistry with the people he works with onscreen.  Because he’s real and he enjoys what he does.

Danny has starred in many films that are so-called “sex positive” and/or feminist and seems to be a male performer that female directors love to work with (Tristan Taormino, Carol Queen & Madison Young), as much as female viewers love to watch him.  In addition to alt, feminist and mainstream films, Danny has also starred in gay male films and identifies as queer.  He has performed as a switch and in submissive roles, so his sexual ideology is varied and complex.  Coming out in the porn community is a hard thing to do in a homophobic society such as ours.

Danny is a consummate performer.  In Eon McKai’s film Content, I described Danny’s fucking as “super-porn hero endurance” and in Midori’s Guide to Sensual Bondage I said Danny (along with Madison Young) were “two of the best performers in the adult industry when it comes to kinky sex “, and that “I love his strength and stamina and his ability to pick tiny Madison up and position her wherever he wants.”  Seriously, Danny is a lean fucking machine and he is always amazingly hot to watch.

What I love best about Danny, however, is that he is outspoken about his experience with porn and has done several interviews with performers in the industry taking on challenging topics like drug abuse, coercion, consent, male bisexuality, rough sex scenes or D/s, and various other controversial subjects, giving readers a real, honest insight into the industry itself.  Having a BA in Cinematic Arts from the University of Southern California also gives his a special insight into filmmaking as well. would like to welcome Danny Wylde as our newest contributing author, with his new column: “Front-Line Hustler”.  I am super excited that Danny will be sharing his interviews within the porn industry, his hot sex fiction, and various musings with us.  Look forward to some great interviews with porn super stars like Tristan Taormino, Andy San Dimas, Kimberly Kane, Dave Naz, and more!

Please help me welcome Danny and make sure to comment on his posts!

Read Danny’s bio here. Here’s Danny’s Blog Trve West Coast Fiction and Twitter: @DannyWylde.

Here are some of the film reviews that I’ve done that showcase Danny’s work.

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