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All Natural Nurses

All Natural Nurses (2010)
Studio- Tom Byron Productions
Director- Ivan
Cast- Charley Chase, Natasha Nice, Rachel Love, Adrianna Nicole, Sara Stone, Justice Young, Alec Knight, and Jack Lawrence.

Having both a naughty nurse and a big boob fetish, I figured All Natural Nurses—a Tom Byron Production—would be a good film for me to whack off to.  Seeing as how I do a lot of reviews on adult how-to films, sometimes I just want whacking material with no other redeeming quality, but to get off.  Hey, guess what.  I’m human after all!

Ok.  So the girls are all hot in this film and their boobs are real (very important to real big boob fetishists, as they flog, wiggle and bounce the way they should).  The nurse outfits are pretty hot for the most part.  Any of these girls can come play nurse at my place whenever they’d like.  Just email me first.

This film is Hetero only, no girl on girl, or even fake lesbian girl on girl.  Too bad.  I like to see a bit of diversity in my fuck flicks, and there isn’t much of that in the film.  The girl’s all look different, but it is mainly boy/girl sex with not a whole lot of imagination.

Here are the scenarios:

Guy patient comes in needing some TLC.  Bodacious nurse with breasts hanging out of her uniform looks him over.  Decides he needs a blow-job.  Blow-job ensues, then a bunch of fucking in various positions, some more blow-job jobbing, and a cum shot finale.  Just change the patient to Doctor or Cop, and it’s pretty well all the same.

Have you seen this scenario before?  Yes.  In just about every other mainstream porn flick out there.  I swear each scene started with a blow-job.  Nothing to mix it up a bit.  Hey, I realize guys like their blow-jobs, but is that all it is about?  Apparently to the director, Ivan, it is.  Now, I’m not knocking blow-jobs, I just like each scene to seem somewhat less choreographed, even if it isn’t.

And, what about the boobs?  Sure there was some good bouncing boob footage, but most of the guys ignored that these women had gorgeous breasts or didn’t know what to do with them.  It was all, where can I stick my dick?  Mouth, pussy, oh, maybe between these boobs.  But, hardly any fondling, nipple or breast play, sucking or any titillation.  Guys, that’s what boobs were made for… to play with… and occasionally to nurse babies with, but mostly to play with. Okay?  Well, at least to a boob fetishist they are.

The only guy who showed any interest in his playmate’s boobs was Jack Lawrence (Thank you Jack!) who nuzzled, fondled, suckled and had some fun with them.  This also turned out to be the best scene in the film (save the best for last!) because he talked to his co-star Sara Stone, interacted with her and seemed to really get into her, rather than just filming a fuck flick—another day at the job, same ole, same ole.

So.  What is missing in this film is the interaction between the performers (guys, get into what you are doing and show some reaction, be verbal, don’t let your co-stars moans be the only audio on the track).  And, don’t forget to play with the boobs.  This is very important in boob films, not only to show them, but to play with them.  Because, people who watch big boob films are often big boob fetishists and want to see some boob action.  It is usually more important to them then the fucking and sucking.

Please, some producer give me some money so I can make a big boob film and show the industry how it should be done!

Other than that, this film is pretty good for an average mainstream porn.  And, yes I did get off.  It just took a lot of fast forwarding.  I won’t break down the scenes, because, essentially they are all the same, like I said.

Big Boobs- A+

Boob Action- D-

Mainstream Action- B

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