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I have created my own online store linking to some products that I have reviewed and recommend.  So, in addition to buying products directly from my reviews at various shops, you can now also purchase most of the toys I have reviewed in my very own store.  I am still working on adding reviews and my Sexuality Guide to the store, but these should be up soon.

All the products in my store are hand picked by myself to ensure the best quality of toys, including body safe materials and reputable manufacturers. Most of these toys I have used and reviewed myself, or my trusted peers have recommended them. Please also check out my Reviews and Sex Guide for more info in my store for more recommendations!

Featured Product of the Month

Delight G-spot Vibrator1-delight-sm In the world of G-spot sex toys, there are ones that stand above the others, and the Delight G-spot Vibrator really shines! The perfect G-spot curve on one end and ergonomically designed handle on the other allows this vibe to find your G-spot every time and pump it to ejaculation with ease.  Features strong vibrations and various pulsing settings for added stimulation.  The shape of the Delight allows for pressure against my G-spot and clitoris simultaneously, building my pleasure in both areas to give me dual clitoral and G-spot orgasms (or what are called blended orgasms) with lots of gushing! The very best thing about the Delight (aside from giving me amazing orgasms!) is that it is a rechargeable vibrator.  I have found that, on top of being environmentally friendly, that rechargeable vibes are often much more powerful than battery operated ones, much like plug-in massagers.  The Delight is my new #1 Favorite G-spot toy! Buy the Delight.
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