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6 Aromatic Herbs to Literally Spice Up Your Sex Life Naturally


These days when you think about spicing up your sex life, people naturally think of the wide range of sex toys that are on the market.

But, sometimes, the simplest remedy is the most effective. Over the centuries there have been countless snake oil style sexual cures for impotence, low libido and lengthening or enlargement of the penis.  Some of them may not have been entirely based in nonsense, as we are about to discover the aphrodisiac qualities of a handful of herbs you certainly ought to have on hand. Try them all to see the natural sexual health benefits for yourself.

Now, let’s break out your mortar and pestle, here’s the grind on spices for good lovin’.

To start, and perhaps to your surprise, garlic stakes claim to increase sex drive. But be mindful of your breath if you choose to eat it raw before you move in on your lover. Though some find garlic breath to be a turnoff, the allium contains a compound called allicin, which improves blood flow to the genitals. It also boosts the immune system and helps keep your cholesterol in check.  Italian restaurants are evidently onto something when they dole out that free garlic bread.

Ginger is another kitchen staple, commonly used in Asian or Indian foods, that also allows for better circulation below the belt. The warmth it emits revs up your sex drive with the help of potassium, magnesium and copper. Try freshly grated ginger tea after dinner to aid digestion and as a comforting cozy-up drink before bedtime.

Cardamom may bring to mind freshly baked goods but is also an Indian pantry necessity used in savoury dishes. It may not occupy space on your shelf yet but the aromatic spice also reports to be a natural libido enhancer. The cineole found in cardamom not only improves arterial flow but also energizes for a full body zing so you can do your thing.

According to Chinese medicine, nutmeg is an incredibly effective sex drive enhancer for women. This was recently studied at the university level among small mammals, where their discoveries showed the addition of nutmeg to diet did in fact increase libido. It must be consumed daily to ensure the full effect is felt. Adding a pinch to coffee or tea makes it easy, as with all other herbal remedies, fresh is usually best

Fenugreek has also recently been studied for its’ aphrodisiac properties among men in Australia. The study found a 25 percent increase in libido after regular consumption. The saponins in fenugreek work to activate male sex hormones such as testosterone, researchers claim, which boosts sex drive. It is heavily implemented in Indian cooking as well. The Kama Sutra should have an accompanying cookbook, am I right?

Saffron, a delectable spice both in taste and appearance, rounds off our list of sensual spices. Real saffron can be costly, so we recommend adding 7 or 8 strands to your preferred tea blend in combination with the aforementioned spices, to fuel your carnal fires. The unique phytonutrients of the bright red herb work wonders. Try these great libido boosting herbs to spice up your sex life naturally!

Or, if you still are not convinced, you can always bring some quality sex toys for couples into play and add an extra bit of excitement into your lovemaking routine.


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