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Domina’s Ultimate G Spot Guide!

As you may know, if you’ve spent any time around, I am a big advocate for the G Spot and have written many articles on the subject, as well as my own sexual explorations with my own G spot.  I also have tonnes of reviews of G Spot sex toys, How to G Spot Books, and Instructional DVDs on the G Spot and female Ejaculation.

Well.  Finally, I have compiled all my articles, reviews and other G spot related stuff into one Guide, right here!  Yippee!

Domina’s Ultimate G Spot Guide! will be updated on a regular basis as I add more reviews, articles and info.


How to Find, Excite, Stimulate, Pleasure Your G Spot and Female Ejaculation Guides

Does the G Spot Exist, Myths, Conspiracies and Other Debates!

The Best G Spot Books & How to DVD Reviews

The Best G Spot Sex Toy Reviews!


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  1. December 22, 2011

    […] the vagina on the front wall just under the pelvic bone.  Not very deep.  Check out my Ultimate G Spot Guide to find out more about the myths surrounding the G-spot and further clarification on where it is […]

  2. April 13, 2012

    […] chemical that your brain releases to further stimulate sexual pleasures, oxytocin, is released twice as often when you’re in unfamiliar territories in bed. Often […]

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