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Wonder Massager

wonder massager

I ordered the Wonder Massager to include with my Pocket Rocket Series of reviews, but it turned out not to be a pocket rocket (although looks a lot like one) but a larger massager version of the same idea (the image above is a bit deceiving as it is twice that size).  Well, I love pocket rockets, so I was sure I would love a bigger, better version of it, right?

Unfortunately not.  Although the Wonder Massager is quite a bit larger, it is not all that powerful.  Much like David and Goliath, the smaller pocket rockets could sling-shot the Wonder Massager out of this universe.

The Wonder Massager features several different speeds and osculating settings, but these were not the Vavoom I was hoping for.  The reason for this, I believe, is that it uses 2 AAA batteries, instead of 2 AA batteries.  Not a big deal you think?  Well, I have come to notice that toys that use AAA’s lack the same power as those with AA’s.  So this is something to look for when you are buying a vibe.  Since Doc Johnson designed this sex toy (and also makes the Original Pocket Rockets), you would think that they would have made them with AAs.  Too bad, because otherwise, with all the multiple speeds and cool settings (10 functions), this may have been a stellar toy.

I also found the head of this toy a little large (for me) for clitoral stimulation use.  It just didn’t seem to fit me right, and rather than giving pinpoint stimulation, it offered stimulation to the general area around my clitoris.  There are many women who don’t enjoy direct stimulation of their clitoris and who would prefer the more subtle vibration that this toy brings, so for them, this would be a great choice.

Sadly, for me, however, the Wonder Massager was not so wonderful after all.

In addition to the Wonder Massager, also carries a wide range of excellent Clitoral Vibrators

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