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Mini Wand Massagers – Comparison Reviews

The Mini Wand Massager Vs the Mini Wand Massager Rechargeable Vs the Fairy Wand

A while back I raved about the Fairy Wand massager, the best clitoral massager I had ever used, even better than the Hitachi.  Then I noticed two very similar products at, but at a deeply discounted price.  So, I decided to review these both to see if they were indeed the same toys with a different name, and if they are as good as the Fairy Wand.

Mini Wand Massager aka Fairy Wand

Yes, indeed, the Mini Wand Massager is the exact same product as the Fairy Wand as you can see by the image above (even says “Fairy Wand” on it.)

Here is an excerpt from my previous “Fairy” Mini Wand Review:

“The Mini Wand is quite small.  About the same size as a classic vibrator, it measures slightly over 7 inches in length, and is only 3 ounces!  Try holding the Hitachi in one hand for comparison at 12 ½ inches in length and 3 pounds.  Big difference!

I was impressed by the Mini Wand’s size and weight, but would it deliver six thousand intense vibes a minutes and rock my socks off like the Hitachi.  Well, it actually does more.  It is a Japanese-made massager, and Japanese vibrators, IMHO, are always high quality and powerful.  The motor in this mini is hardcore and instead of 2 speeds, which is what the Hitachi has, I counted 11 speeds from mild to crazy intense as you move up the dial on this massager.   In addition, the Hitachi vibrates at 6000 rpm on max, while the Fairy vibrates at 12500 rpm on max, so quite a considerable difference in vibrating power.

Is the Mini Wand more powerful than the Hitachi?  I would say, “Yes, absolutely!”  In fact, I only used it on half-speed as the max setting was just too crazy for me, at least the first few times I tried it.  The reason it can compare with the Hitachi, is that it comes with a plug-in AC adapter power pack and plugs into your outlet, just like the Hitachi…”

Mini Wand Massager-Rechargeable

The Mini Wand Massager-Rechargeable is exactly like the Mini Wand, except it is rechargeable.  It takes about 2 hours to completely charge, with 70 minutes of play and is powered by a Lithium Ion battery.  The charger can be charged via a regular wall outlet, or via the USB plug-in on your computer, so pretty cool.

I didn’t find the rechargeable version quite as strong as the regular cord Mini Wand Massager (above), but the difference was so slight as to be not really noticeable.  It still was very strong and gave me an amazing orgasm.

Which do I Like Better?

That’s a hard choice really.  They are both identical when it comes to design, power and orgasms.  I think I would have to go with the Rechargeable version because: 1. you don’t need to be near a wall outlet to use it; 2. It charges from both an outlet and a USB; and 3. It is actually cheaper in price ($36.00 USD for the rechargeable compared to $44.30 USD for the plug-in massager).  I still use my plug in massager in my bedroom where I have a wall outlet nearby, but keep my rechargeable at my computer desk for quick pick me ups in the afternoon.  Which reminds me, it’s time for a pick me up now!

Mini Wand Massager Attachments

The Mini Wand Massager Attachments (sold separately) fit both the plug-in and rechargeable Mini Wand Massagers.  The kit comes with two attachment heads made of 100% silicone that slip over the head of your massager.  Both heads turn the clitoral only massager into a G-spot and Clit massagers with two stimulators.  The only difference is that one of the G-spot stimulators is smooth and the other is bumpy to provide additional stimulation.  Everyone has different preferences, so this kit is great to find out which you like best.

I love that the kits is sold separately, because you can get either massager much cheaper alone and then buy the kit later if you like.  I also noted that carries all three of these products cheaper than anywhere else they are sold.  So bonus.

If you want to pick up the best clitoral massager ever (better than the Hitachi—seriously!) then I encourage you to do so soon.  They probably will not last long at that price and I’ve been telling all my friends about them as well, so hurry in and get yours today.

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