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Stone Love Vaginal Egg Set

Stone Love Vaginal Egg Set

My absolutely favorite product that Coco de Mer carries is their Stone Love Vaginal Egg Set.  They are simply gorgeous!  Handcrafted from semi-precious stones (rose quartz, obsidian and jade) these Vaginal Eggs are perfectly designed for doing kegel exercises, which overtime, strengthen the PC muscles (pelvic floor).  I have used many other materials for doing kegels (including silicone, plastic and metal), but nothing can compare to the sensuous feeling of these Stone Vaginal Eggs.

Benefits of Strong PC Muscles

Aside from the obvious health reasons, such as helping alleviate incontinence, restoring vaginal muscle tone after birth, as well as helping reduce disorders such as vaginismus (pain from vaginal insertion), dyspareunia (painful intercourse) and female sexual dysfunction (loss of sex drive or diminished sexual satisfaction), doing regular kegel exercises helps to stimulate the sex drive by increasing blood flow to the pelvic region which enhances sensitivity, arousal and lubrication.

“Since the PC muscle also encircles the outside of the vagina, healthy PC muscles will improve sexual arousal, allow you to reach orgasm more easily, experience more powerful and pleasurable orgasms, and may even help you achieve multiple orgasms as you learn to better control and respond to your sexual arousal.  Fit PC muscles also improve G-spot stimulation and can help you learn to experience G-spot orgasms and female ejaculation.  Rhythmic squeezing of your PC muscles during intercourse or masturbation will help increase lubrication, stimulate the clitoris, and bring you to new heights of sexual ecstasy.”—Kegel Exercises for Vaginal Health


Jade and stone eggs were used in ancient China by the Queen and concubines to strengthen their vaginas, a technique which allowed them to remain youthful.  Stone eggs are excellent body-friendly materials as they are noncorrosive, smoothly polished, non-porous and can be easily sterilized with boiling.  Many people still believe that precious stones also have unique healing properties.

Green Jade was esteemed in ancient China for its mystical and healing properties.  It is said to stimulate the vital energy or chi (qi), and harmonize a woman’s energy flow.  Properties of green jade include calming, promoting good health, emotional balance, as well as helping channel sensual passions.  It is beneficial to the heart in both physical and spiritual senses.

Rose Quartz is associated with the heart Chakra, and its energy is believed to be vital to contentment and inner peace.  It is said to heal wounds of the heart has accumulated and manifests a calming effect.

Obsidian is a natural glass that is made from volcanic rock cooled quickly. It has been used by shamanic people as a seer stone and is said to have powers of protection and invigoration. It can be used to reduce tension, absorb negative energy and is a grounding stone. It can help you reach into your subconscious and reclaim forgotten abilities within yourself.

Whether or not you believe in the healing or mystical powers of stones, the Stone Love Vaginal Egg Set from Coco de Mer is an elegant modern take on an ancient classic that is sure to inspire you to work out your PC muscles.  Start with the largest size (easier to squeeze if your PC muscles are weak) and work your way down to the smallest egg as you build strength.  Do kegel exercises work?  Absolutely!  They are essential for G-spot and female ejaculation and will help increase sexual arousal and function of the genitals overall.

So, if you want a vagina that can crack a walnut (or just increase your pleasure!) be sure to visit to get your very own set of Stone Love Vaginal Eggs.

Coco de Mer | Stone Love Vaginal Egg Set

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