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What is Tantra Massage?

Tantra is a 7000-year-old spiritual tradition with roots in Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism and has been called the “yoga of ecstasy”.  It consists of a combination of texts, techniques, rituals, monastic practices, meditation, yoga, and ideology.  According to Georg Feuerstein “[Tantra] deals with the creation and history of the world; the names and functions of a great variety of male and female deities and other higher beings; the types of ritual worship (especially of Goddesses); magic, sorcery, and divination; esoteric “physiology” (the mapping of the subtle or psychic body); the awakening of the mysterious serpent power (kundalinî-shakti); techniques of bodily and mental purification; the nature of enlightenment; and not least, sacred sexuality.”[i]

Tantra Massage

Tantra (or Tantric) Massage was developed during the Neo-Tantric movement during the 1980s in Germany, according to Wikipedia.  It includes elements from yoga and sexual therapy, which helps clients overcome relationship issues, self esteem including sexual issues, and is deeply relaxing and therapeutic.  It is sexually intimate in nature and often involves “erotic massage” of the lingam (penis) in men and yoni (vulva) in women, as well as sensuous massage to other erogenous zones and areas of the body as well. It is also used to enhance sexual excitement and arousal and to create intimacy and spiritual union between couples.

Commercial Tantric Massage

In some countries including the UK, there are erotic and Tantric massage services provided by as a part of sexual therapy in massage parlors, brothels, and by individual practitioners that specialize in lingam massage, prostate massage, full body nude massage, Nuru massage, Tantra and Couple’s Tantra massage, Aqua massage, Fantasy massage, Swedish massage and even BDSM massage.

Today, erotic massage is used by some people on occasion as a part of sex, either as foreplay or as the final sex act, or as part of sex therapy. There is also a large commercial erotic massage industry in some countries and cities.

Sex Therapy

Tantric and erotic massage are used in sex therapy with many benefits for the client including increasing libido, heightening sensitivity, healing premature ejaculation and prolonging arousal to improve sexual stamina.

Sexual Energy

Tantra massage is also used to raise sexual energy and channel it to achieve higher states of consciousness, and for ecstatic experience, to release energy and physical blockages that could be causing pain and illness and to connect one to the universal creation source of spirituality.

Tantra massage can also be used to awaken Kundalini, a primal energy (Shakti) that lies at the base of the spine and when awakened, can uncoil up the spine through the chakras like a snake, which releases energy blocks, and can introduce spiritual enlightenment, bliss, euphoria, heightened sensations and orgasms, and whole-body orgasms and altered states of consciousness.

Erotic Massage Services

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[i] Feuerstein, Georg. The Yoga Tradition: It’s History, Literature, Philosophy and Practice (Kindle Locations 11501-11505). Hohm Press. Kindle Edition.

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