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Tristan Taorminos Expert Guide to the G-Spot

Tristan Taorminos Expert Guide to the G-Spot (2008)
Srudio: Vivid Ed/Smart Ass Productions
Director: Tristan Taormino
Cast:  Tristan Taormino (non-sex) Sarah Blake, Princess Donna, Faith Leon, Alec Knight, Penny Flame, Evan Stone, Kylie Worthy, Derrick Pierce

Women are still searching for that elusive G-spot and how to stimulate it.  “Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide to the G-Spot” is an excellent DVD guide that teaches all about the G-spot (not so mysterious after all!) for couple’s exploration.  This guide is easy to understand, taught in simple terms like a workshop and then demonstrated by various couples.  A great part of this guide is that it shows various sexual positions that facilitate G-spot sex, which is something you can then try with your partner.  Another scene demonstrates female ejaculation by a pro with Kylie Worthy, and she and her BF Derrick Pierce talk about the experience which I found very enlightening.

This DVD is guaranteed to teach you all you need to know about the G-spot, plus some of the scenes are pretty hot as well, so engages you both on an educational and libidinal level.

Intro- G-spot Workshop with Tristan Taormino (non-sex) Sarah Blake, Princess Donna:

Intro + Anatomy- Tristan talks about G-spot studies and uses an anatomical chart.  She identifies female anatomy with the chart.  Good demonstration, clearly illustrated.  Explains the urethral sponge very clearly.  Answers: How to find it? What does it feels like?

Tristan talks to D & S about their experiences. Donna warms Sarah up with cunninglingus as Tristan talks about the importance of communication.  The girls start off simple with easy fingering as Tristan explains what to look for, getting feedback from partner, the come hither stroke and shows this with a masturbation sleeve, as Donna fingers Sarah.  Talks about using direct pressure, building intensity and using various techniques, pressure and movement.

Tristan answers more questions about needing to pee, a common concern.  She says:  Let go of the feeling and don’t tense PC muscles, focus on stimulation, rather than anxiety of needing to pee.  Next she shows some dildos and vibes good for G-spot (curved as opposed to straight).  She also talks about materials: silicone, glass, steel, also toys with balls on the end.  Meanwhile, Donna uses them on Sarah.  Donna shows the “correct” rocking technique when using the Pure Wand (small in and out movements and rocking up and down).  Sarah orgasms via clit and g-spot stimulation.

Scenes with and without instruction (Voice over by Tristan)

Different positions & techniques

Scene 1 with Faith & Alec:

Tristan talks about body positions and angles.  Faith is a hotty, dark redhead, slim body.  Alec has a big cock. This is a sex scene which includes fellatio to start to get him hard (maybe she has a G-spot in her mouth?), then 69, and takes a while to warm up and get to the G-spot.  Positions include: Her on Top (Cowgirl)—One of the best positions for G-spot stimulation.  Has pop-up windows and voice over from Tristan on how to enhance the position.  I find the pop-ups annoying, but admit they may be useful for someone who is learning.  You can watch the scene without the “instruction” and pop-ups as well, so that’s good.  Another Position- Edge of Bed (using a liberator shape) to allow him to get a better angle and more power.  The educational part of this scene was useful, but the erotic element was a bit boring.  I just couldn’t get into the performers.  It felt like some of Faith’s sexy faces where a bit fake or something, as if she were practicing her blow up doll mouth.  Demos the Hitachi with the G-spot attachment.  Another Position- Spooning. Alex fucks her from behind spooning her as she stimulates her clit with the Hitachi (attachment removed).

Scene 2 with Penny & Evan:

Penny is cute and naughty.  I love Evan Stone (don’t care what other peeps think!) he is a seducer.  I think he always spends lots of time getting his partners turned on.  Evan demos using gloves.  Evan also shows a silicone G-spot toy on Penny as he rubs her clit with his fingers.  He rocks it shallowly back and forth.  They go into a 69, some hanky-spanky going on.  Looks hot! Moving on to doggie style (my fav g-spot position!). It is making me want to get fucked big time!  Penny’s mascara is running all over her face.  Hot!  Shift to spooning. Watching them makes me want a job as a porn star.  Position- Straddle (similar to girl on top- Cowgirl).  Position- Inverted Spider.  He stands while she lies close to side of bed, her legs pulled up, and ankles around his neck.  This position is amazing and they are really getting it on! Position- Standing, she leans against something and he fucks her from behind, both standing, her bent over.  Then he pulls her arms back so she is standing up straight to change angle of penetration.  Hot scene!

Scene 3 with Kylie & Derrick – How to Female Ejaculate:

Um… yah… Derrick- super hot!  He is built, hot tattoos.  They talk about how Kylie squirts, how it is a mental thing (mental block) and muscle control.  Push on the muscle that makes you feel like you are going to squirt and usually you will squirt.  Tristan says it may take many tries to female ejaculate if you’ve never done it before, but keep practicing, don’t put pressure on yourself.  She also emphasizes having good (strong) PC muscle as being important to FE.  I’m impressed that Kylie has a prominent scar on her belly (appendix?) but is still hot.  She also has nice real boobs.  You can see her G-spot when he is stimulating her as it sticks out quite a bit.  He licks and fingers her at the same time.  Different positions: They do doggie, missionary with her legs raised and she squirts a lot.  Toys- she fucks herself with a glass dildo and squirts quite a bit.  She then rubs her clit as she removes the dildos and squirts.  Tristan mentions some women can ejaculate from clit or anal stimulation as well.  This scene is shorter than the others and to the point.  I think it would have been better if longer as they have lots of chemistry and are a hot couple.

Xxxtra!  Xxxtra!:

Bonus Scene with Donna & Sarah-

Donna takes a strap-on to Sarah, missionary legs back, on a liberator shape.  This scene isn’t all that exciting.  No foreplay or kissing, or other girly stuff.  Just strap-on fucking which is fine for the instructional aspect, but a bit lacking in erotic elements.  It does get a bit hotter later though.  Maybe then should have started with the foreplay first.  The viewer needs to get warmed up too (at least I do).  They switch it up and Sarah fingers Donna as Donna masturbates with the Hitachi.  Then they switch back and Donna eats Sarah and fingers her. 69 follows. I am at least glad they included a girl-girl scene in the DVD.

Safer Sex Guide – Evan and Penny demo safe sex products/barriers: gloves, condoms on sex toys, how to clean acrylic, glass, metal and non-porous toys.

Strap-on Sex Tips – Donna & Sarah demo as Tristan does commentary on how to put it on and use it.

Cast Interviews – Evan talks about being a stripper before getting into porn and learning how to eat pussy and play with the G-spot.  Penny and Evan demo different positions, Evan talks about learning how a woman moves her hips to see what she likes.  Cute and playful interview.  We need more of this!

Thank you to Babeland for sending me this great G-spot DVD for review.  Be sure to pick up your own copy of “Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide to the G-Spot” at Babeland’s online sex toy shop!

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