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The Siamese by Simply Blown

Glass sex toys are about the sexiest adult toys on the market, and Simply Blown makes the sexiest erotic creations out of glass in the industry.  I’m not kidding.  Take a look at these beauties (the whole line of Simply Blown is here)!

But, that wasn’t what Scott Slagerman, the glass designer behind Simply Blown set out to do.  According to EroticBiz, Scott didn’t even know that glass sex toys existed “until he walked into the Pleasure Chest and saw some pieces by Phallix.”

After that, a few people who knew he was a glass artisan asked him to make some sex toys, he made a few for friends and Simply Blown was born.

Scott, and the other Simply Blown artisans use “thousand year old traditional techniques still in use by the world’s greatest glass masters” to hand shape their one of a kind erotic masterpieces of glass art.  This technique is much different than the way that Pyrex glass toys are made.

“Every piece is judged by the eye and hand of a glass master, deemed worthy to meet our exacting standards and embody Simply Blown’s philosophy of blending old world style craftsmanship with bold, new innovative designs and refined aesthetics.”—Simply Blown

I could tell right away when I received my Siamese glass dildo by Simply Blown that it was different.  First of all was the weight.  This is one serious piece of glASS at 13” in length and 4.75″ diameter, weighing a couple of pounds!  It came in the loveliest grey minimalist designer box with a plastic window to view your art piece and a tab to slide the toy out of its case.  At first it appeared that the piece was hollow inside, but once I held it up to the light I could see it was a glass shape inside of another glass shape, with the outer glass piece clear with the inner glass piece in red.  This gives the Siamese the most stunning and unique design.

Known as a “double-ender” because you can use either end, the Siamese features a bulbous end and a more slender end, both sleek and softly rounded.  I ordered the Siamese in the hand blown Ruby colored glass, and it reminds me of antique colored glass windows you see in old houses.  Gorgeous!

What I love about glass dildos is that a little lube goes a long way.  Put a little dap on the end of this beauty and its sleek tip slides easily inside.  The Siamese is slightly curved to help reach the G-spot and either end works well for that type of stimulation.  If you prefer to thrust it like a normal dildo using the old in and out, it works perfectly for that as well

I really enjoyed the fullness of this toy as well as how it massaged my G-spot.  Glass toys somehow feel more in tune to your body when you use them, flowing like a cool frozen river of pleasure that melds with your body’s inner curves and moves with your motions.  I know that sounds like a sappy bit of purple prose, but I really can’t explain the feeling of a glass sex toy any better, as the material is so natural and unique.

Simply Blown are simply gorgeous!  They create the most exquisite hand shaped erotic glass sex toys I have seen available in today’s market, the ultimate in luxury.  You can buy the Simply Glass Siamese dildo and their other designs at my sex store- Pop My Cherry Shop.  Due to the Hand Made nature of their products please allow up to 10 days for shipping.

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