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Fuck an egg for breakfast? Yes you can with Tenga Eggs!

Bet that got your attention.  Is is true? Of course it is.  I recently got a six-pack of eggs in the mail.  Ordinarily, that wouldnt be such a good thing.  But, in this case its not a bad thing at all.  The half dozen eggs weren’t those you would find on a farm or your local grocery store.  These are Tenga Eggs.  Six individually wrapped little devils, each with their own texture and a handy package of lube.

Tenga does a great job of making male masturbation toys and they don’t disappoint with this product.  So lets start with a description of the Tenga Egg.

As I mentioned, each egg comes individually packaged in – you guessed it – a plastic egg, similar to what the Easter Bunny would bring you.  But of course, these are not edible.  You peel off the protective wrapping and crack open the egg.  Inside you will find a very soft and stretchy egg.  Inserted into each egg is a small pack of lube, which is good for 1 to 2 uses, depending on how much lube you prefer.  Just like most male toys, lots of lubricant is recommended.  The egg is hollow with a rather small hole, in which you stick your dick.  Each egg has its own unique feel to it, with different raised features to stimulate either the penis head, the shaft of the penis or both as you stroke your member up and down inside the egg.

Tenga Egg Spider – lined with vertical and horizontal lines to form a spider web

Tenga Egg Wavy – the raised lines wrap around horizontally

Tenga Egg Stepper – raised spheres line the surface

Tenga Egg Clicker – notched out with semi-circles

Tenga Egg Silky – features a thread-spun surface

Tenga Egg Twister – similar to the Wavy, with the lines going vertically

Now, Mother Nature has blessed me – so when I first cracked one of these open, I thought ‘no way is my dick going to fit into that hole comfortably’.  However, I was pleasantly and pleasurably surprised.  These toys are very stretchy and most likely handle any member.  Unless of course, you are John Holmes.  Lube is the key.

Not only was I able to get my dick inside, I was able to stroke to completion with each of them.  One of the cool features is that as your stretch the egg down your shaft, you can see your dick inside.  This is nice if you want to admire your rock-hard friend while you pleasure yourself.  It kinda turns me on.

These eggs were designed & marketed for single use, but, I have found that if you clean them with some warm water, turn them inside out to dry and then store them back in the plastic containers, you can multiple uses out of them.  Always remember to use water-based lubricant, such as Pjur Aqua Body Glide.

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