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The Most Popular Sex Toys for Men

Men no longer have to rely on their hands alone for masturbation as there is a large range of sex toys designed exclusively for them, some of which are highly sophisticated.

Sex toys for men include cock rings, sex dolls, vibrating vaginas, pocket pussies, jack-off sleeves, blow job simulators and sleeves, masturbators, penis pumps, prostate massagers, dildos, vibrators and so much more.

Today we are going to look at the most popular sex toys for men, including various types of male masturbators, blowjob machines, and penis pumps.


Masturbators are sex toys for men that are form-fitted to encompass the penis length to aid in the pleasure of solo sex by simulating penetrative or oral sex.

The male masturbator is the most popular type of sex toys for guys.  They come in many shapes, materials and designs to choose from.  Some masturbators are sleeves that resemble vaginas or a mouth for blow-jobs, while other types are made out of soft textured material that is placed over the penis while your hand applies the right amount of pressure on the outside of the sleeve. Many of the realistic types of masturbators are pussies molded from actual porn stars. There are even masturbators that vibrate and will stroke you to climax.  Male masturbators are made with various types of material from stretch silicone, to jelly, to a cyberskin that feels just like the real thing.

One of the most famous is the Fleshlight which is a masturbation sleeve inside a canister that resembles an ordinary flashlight for discreet storage.  Finally, another form of masturbator is a Penis Pump that offers an intense sucking sensation and temporarily increases blood flow to the penis, improving size and sensitivity.

Blow Job Simulators

Blow job simulators are masturbation sleeves with an artificial mouth at one end. While most are like non-vibrating masturbators, some, including the Blowjob Machine, are actually are quite sophisticated and vibrate, oscillate, suck, and pump the penis for added stimulation and pleasure.

Most men eroticisize the fantasy of having oral sex with an eager and willing partner.  Oral sex masturbators or blow job simulators are the next best thing to the real thing and are as eager as you can get.

Most blow job simulators are made of a soft, flesh-like material like cyberskin that feels great around the penis.  Cyberskin is a unique material as it feels as close to real flesh as you can get and warms up when immersed in hot water for a few minutes.  Some simulators feature textured sleeves, nubs, ridges or synthetic tongues inside for added stimulation.

Then there are dual entry masturbation sleeves that have oral on one end and anal on the other.   Some blow job simulators have pumps to create sucking action while others vibrate.  There are even blow job simulators with a life-like face that gives the phrase “getting head” a whole new meaning.

Pocket Pussies

Pocket pussies are male masturbation sleeves that feature a simulated vagina opening on one end.

Most are skin color and are made of a realistic flesh-like material like cyberskin or “real skin”.  Others come in a variety of bright colors and are made of jelly.  Many of them are long sleeves that are used to insert over the penis and aid in masturbation fantasy, while some feature realistic vaginas with fake vagina hair.

There are lots of pocket pussies that are molded from the real pussies of the world’s hottest porn stars, made from the most advanced lifelike materials for maximum pleasure.

Realistic Vaginas

Realistic vaginas are male masturbators that feature a realistic vagina for masturbation purposes.

Realistic vaginas are the elite, high-end cousins of the pocket pussy.  These vaginas are very life-like and made of soft flesh-like materials like cyberskin and UR3; you simply can’t get any closer to the real thing.

Some realistic vaginas feature only a vagina opening, while most have both vagina and anus holes for double the pleasure and variation.  Many also have vibrating features as well for added stimulation.

Penis Pumps

A Penis Pump is a manual or automatic vacuum device that is used to temporarily increase blood flow to the penis and aid in the treatment of male sexual erectile dysfunction or impotence.

A penis pump, or vacuum pump is a cylinder that fits over the penis that uses a manual or mechanical pump to create suction.  The suction draws blood into the penis allowing it to become engorged which temporarily enlarges the penis, endowing a harder, bigger erection.  Manual pumps feature either squeeze bulbs or pistol styled pumps, whereas ones with sucking or vibrating action are battery operated. Penis pumps also increase sensitivity to the penis to give added arousal and more erotic sensations which result in bigger more explosive orgasms. Some men claim that with repeated use the penis and erection can become enlarged permanently. One thing is certain, however, with regular, consistent use any man can strengthen and prolong his erection for the enjoyment of both he and his lucky partner.

Penis pumps can be used with cock rings which are fitted over the open cylinder, then onto the base of the pumped penis to restrict blood flow from leaving and help maintain an erection longer.  Aside from increasing penis size temporarily, penis pumps are exciting jack-off masturbation devices that give an intense sucking action. Some penis pumps have textured sleeves built into the gasket for extra sensation while pumping, and some come with different sizes of interchangeable gaskets and sleeves for more enjoyment. A few pumps offer vibration stimulation for added arousal and pleasure.

Cock Rings

Cockrings are used to slow the flow of blood from an erect penis to aid in making the penis harder and the erection last longer.  Cockrings are also helpful for gaining and maintaining erections with men who have erectile dysfunction (ED). They are usually placed around the base of the penis and scrotum together to keep the penis stiff and used for masturbation purposes, or during partner sex to heighten arousal, sensitivity, increase staying power, or delay ejaculation.

So, there you have it! There are many exciting types of sex toys available for men on the market.  Enjoy your journey!

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