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Glass Flower Ben Wa Balls

flower ben wa balls

These pretty little Ben Wa balls come in an elegant little case.  Ben Wa balls, or Geisha balls, are used to strengthen and maintain good PC health and are used by doing kegel exercises.

According to EHow, “The use of vaginal balls dates all the way back to ancient Japanese, Chinese and Indonesian times. They were used to develop and strengthen vaginal muscles, and were solely for the wealthy and the royalty. Women did this to give greater pleasure to their husbands during intercourse. In China, men who had harems would encourage their wives to use a stone or egg-shaped stimulator when they were not with them. It was these stimulators that became better known as vaginal balls. In the 18th century, the French improved these stimulators. They soon became used to increase vaginal control and sexual stimulation for the women during intercourse.”–

These Glass Flower Ben Wa Balls are the size of large marbles, or Alleys as we used to call them as kids.  They are inlaid with a pretty little flower and measure 1” in diameter.  They are easily inserted in the vagina, but unlike most Ben Wa balls do not have a retrieval string.  I was a bit worried about trying them at first because of this.  I remember my little brother sticking small marbles up his nose as a kid and the hard time we had getting them out!  However, I didn’t have any trouble spitting them out using my vagina muscles.  And, I do remember an especially gifted stripper I saw once spitting out ping-pong balls at the audience, so have to think that these are relatively safe if you don’t insert them too far.  If you are wary about using them, then I recommend using Geisha balls with retrieval strings like Luna Beads or Smart Balls [my review].

You can purchase Glass Flower Ben Wa Balls at

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