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Kinklab Vampire Gloves

Since Halloween is coming up, I thought I’d review something Halloweenish, like KinkLab’s Vampire Gloves.  Ok, only the name is really Halloweenish, but the are still super cool.  I have always wanted a pair of vampire gloves, but often the ones I found were large and kind of boxy (ie: not form-fitting).  So I was happy to find that Kinklab makes their vamp gloves in different sizes: small, medium, large and x-tra large.  I got the small ones and they fit me perfectly, kinda like a glove.

These gloves are just like a pair of women’s sexy leather gloves.  They are snuggly form fitting, and are made of gorgeous soft leather.  No one will know you are wearing vampire gloves until you dig your claws into them!

Vampire gloves feature prickly metal points on the fingers which are great for doing sensation play.  You can use them to softly rub over the skin to create a tingling, ticklish sensation.  Use a bit more force and they become nasty pain tools used to scratch or pierce as you grab, rub or smack the flesh.  Use them to entice as a sensual reward, or to punish as a vicious weapon, leaving tiny vampire teeth marks in your bottom’s, ah, bottom!

These are the best Vampire Gloves I have found so far on the market and I’ve been searching a long while.  Very hot, nasty and oh, so sexy!  Spanks!

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  1. Serena Dante says:

    Those are some sexy gloves!

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