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The Curve G Spot Sex Toy Review

The Curve is one of the best G spot Dildos I have ever tried.  Perfect for G spot stimulation, check out this Curve G Spot Sex Toy Review to find out why this is the best G spot sex toy ever…

I have been coveting the Curve dildo for some time.  Lucky me, my wish came true and my fairy Godmothers  sent me a sex toy that even Cinderella’s ugly step-sisters would adore!  Now, before the review, I’d like to present you with a bit of background on my personal preferences for sex toys, as I believe that everyone’s likes/dislikes are different, as well as personal experience, so therefore no matter how objective you are as a reviewer, your review is always somewhat subjective, obviously.

First of all, I am a clit junkie.  I get off on vibrating clitoral stimulation, so I naturally love/adore/swoon over little clit vibes that rock my world.  That said, I do also enjoy a good vaginal shagging, but usually dildos are not my favorite type of toys.  However, in the past year I have been experimenting with my G-spot a lot and curved G-spot dildos are perfect for that purpose.

Now the Curve.  Well, from visual observations alone, I could tell that the unique design of the Curve’s shape was going to hit it’s target.  In fact, I have never seen a sex toy object better fashioned for this ultimate purpose.  The folks at Fun Factory (the dildo’s manufacturers) really know their stuff.  The Curve comes packaged in a nicely designed box with an information booklet and some free lube too which was a plus for me.  One of my pet peeves is sex toy packaging that is usually superfluous and not often environmentally friendly.  The Fun factory box is well designed however for storage (if you want to save it to keep the dildo in) and made of cardboard for biodegradable recycling (if you want to chuck it).  The booklet inside also gives you a good idea of how to use the dildo, in case you have never experimented with G-spot stimulation.  This is an added bonus, for I know from working at a sex store that many women don’t know how to find theirs or when they do, how to stimulate it.

So, it was late afternoon when I curled up on the couch with my curvy new lover.  If you can imagine Puff the Magic Dragon with a dick, the Curve is probably what it would look like with its purple color, curling design and winding ridges.  I didn’t waste any time lubing up the large, bulbous head with some water-based lubricant (generally speaking, you shouldn’t use silicone lubricant with a silicone sex toy as it can cause a chemical reaction and ruin your beloved toy).  The head was very thick and it took a moment for me to warm up to it and insert it through my lips.  Once inside however, I opened upon it like a flower in bloom.  I then got it comfortably positioned exactly where I wanted it: on my G-spot.  The Curve is not meant for deep vaginal penetration, as it would be difficult to achieve that with its specially designed extreme S-shape.  It is meant for hitting the G-spot, which on most women is about 1″-2″ inside the vagina on the front wall just under the pelvic bone.  Not very deep.  Check out my Ultimate G Spot Guide to find out more about the myths surrounding the G-spot and further clarification on where it is and how to stimulate it.

Most times with a G-spot dildo or vibe, I use a pressure “ramming” action rather than an in-and-out, to stimulate my spot.  The G-spot–on most women–responds best to direct, firm pressure similar to that of a firm rubbing or tapping stroke.  The Curve is designed so you can effectively achieve this firm rubbing stroke by sliding it in-and-out by varying degrees as the heavily-ridged head stimulates the G-spot constantly no matter how you control it.  The dildo is also made of medical-grade silicone which is very firm (therefore giving the ideal amount of pressure with little effort), yet flexible enough that it moves as a part of you: never too hard or too soft.  The texture is luxurious and velvety soft.

I was amazed that with just a few of these short pumping strokes, my G-spot responded instantly.  I usually have to be very turned on when I try G-spot stimulation (either with clitoral stimuli and a vibe, or much foreplay with a lover), but not so with the Curve.  My G-spot puffed up like an inflatable prune transforming into plum (kind-of like a pumpkin transforming into a carriage? Okay, not quite) with only a few strokes and the feeling was simply euphoric, even magical one might say.  I soon revved up the pumping action with a tilt of my wrist which was so easy to achieve because of the Curve’s lovely “royal curl” handle which virtually does all the work for you.  Moments later I exploded with full body orgasms quickly followed by a wet rush of ejaculate.  Time stood still (as if I were transported into a whimsical fairytale land), yet the sensation seemed to go on happily-ever-after. Okay.  Enough of the silly fairytale metaphors.

This is the first dildo that has ever blown me totally away.  And, although I’m not quite ready yet to give up my happy little clit vibes, the Curve has a permanent place on my bedside table, safe and handy in its own little box.

So, to reiterate the pluses of the Curve:

  • Innovatively designed curve perfect for G-spot stimulation
  • Large heavily-ridged head rubs just the right spot
  • Firm silicone material for firm yet gentle stroking
  • Ergonomically designed handle requires little effort
  • Nice eco-friendly packaging
  • Comes with a how-to booklet
  • Free sensual water-based lubricant
  • Is 100% medical-grade silicone so easy to keep clean, hypoallergenic, latex and phthalate-free and non-porous (has no pores for germs to hide in)
  • Dishwasher safe, boilable and waterproof
  • Manufactured by Fun Factory the sex toy innovators of top quality products
  • Luxurious velvety soft texture

Negatives?  Well, I hate to think of how many dragons are flying around penis-less just to make us girls happy.  Poor Puff! Seriously, though-No Dragons were harmed in the manufacturing of the wonderful product.

Get the Curve G Spot Sex Toy so you can experience the best G spot orgasms!

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