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Toys for Boys – Sex Toys That Every Man Needs 2

Toys for Boys – Sex Toys That Every Man Needs

It used to be that the only sex toys available for men were “pocket pussies” and sex dolls. Women usually have a few sex toys in the nightstand drawer, but, men usually lack the essential toys to further enhance their personal sex lives. The following toys are those that the...

Top 10 Sexy XXXmas Gifts for 2010 0

Top 10 Sexy XXXmas Gifts for 2010

Here is my Top 10 Sexy XXXmas Gifts for 2010.  I picked all my favorite products that I have reviewed so far this year and there are certainly some great gift ideas in there.  Thank you to the participating sex toys shops for providing the products for review. 1 &...

The Axis by Liberator 0

The Axis by Liberator

Okay, you may be wondering why I am reviewing a pillow.  Well, the Axis by Liberator is not just any old pillow.  It is a Liberator Shape designed to enhance position sex-play.  What do I mean by position?  I mean, Kama Sutra , baby!  Bow-chica-wow-wow! Kalyana Malla, writer of the...

Fascinator Throe by Liberator 8

Fascinator Throe by Liberator

Lately, I have been exploring the pleasures of my G-spot and female ejaculation. One thing you will know if you are into female ejaculation (with or without a partner) is that it leads to very wet and messy fun. And, while that can be cool for the shower or hot...