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glass sex toys

The Siamese by Simply Blown 1

The Siamese by Simply Blown

Glass sex toys are about the sexiest adult toys on the market, and Simply Blown makes the sexiest erotic creations out of glass in the industry.  I’m not kidding.  Take a look at these beauties (the whole line of Simply Blown is here)! But, that wasn’t what Scott Slagerman, the...

Introducing Crystal Delights 7

Introducing Crystal Delights

Crystal Delights is a new glass product line by an innovative luxury sex toy company  The whole idea around the company is to offer high quality, hand-crafted, luxury sex toys to consumers that are beautifully designed with attention to detail. Crystal Delights Plug The Crystal Delights Plug is a...

How Glass Sex Toys are Made 1

How Glass Sex Toys are Made

A month or so ago I wrote an article for, “Glass Sex Toys- Are They Safe?”, where I described a real scenario about a fellow sex reviewer who had a scary accident with a glass sex toy.  In the article I interviewed RubyGlass21, a well-respected glass toy manufacturer.  RubyGlass21...