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New Fifty Shades Darker Sex Toys in Time for Spring

Given the recent Valentine’s Day release of the much anticipated 50 Shades Darker, sequel to the film 50 Shades of Grey and based on the novels in the kinky series by E L James, one may be wondering how introduce BDSM to your partner to make these darker fantasies come...

Extreme Restraints – Win $1000 Shopping Spree! 0

Extreme Restraints – Win $1000 Shopping Spree!

Wowza!  Extreme Restraints is having an excellent contest where you can WIN a $1000 Shopping Spree in their shop.  Pretty Amazing.  If you haven’t already checked out, you definitely should, because they are one of the best Fetish/bdsm stores online with 1000s of kinky, excellent quality adult products and...

Happy Halloween from Fatale Femmes 0

Happy Halloween from Fatale Femmes

Fatale Femmes is my old photo company, now extinct.  Here are some creepy shots from one of my favorite shoots that I did.  For me, creepy horror is damn sexy.  But then I’m a super freak…

Incoqnito Leather Hand Cuffs 4

Incoqnito Leather Hand Cuffs

I am always super excited when I find a chic new sexuality shop to review for.  The Pleasure Galaxie has everything I look for in a sex shop: unique product selection with an emphasis on body and earth-friendly items; competitive and affordable prices even on their luxury toys; an educated,...

Fashionistas 2


Fashionistas is a super-fantastic, epic length, fetish fucking extravaganza.  I have read the hype about Fashionistas for years: Winner of 11 AVN Awards including Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor and Actress (Rocco Siffredi and Taylor St. Claire), Best Cinematography, and Best Music; and I’ve been coveting this film ever...

A History Lesson 13

A History Lesson

My high school history teacher wore light blue polyester pant suits straight from the seventies, not the Saturday Night Fever seventies, but something you’d imagine the suburban swingers set wearing. His hair was styled in such a way you could only describe as Beatles-like and every time he wrote something...

Bondage Bettie Page 0

Bondage Bettie Page

Here’s a fun vintage video with some quirky music (Buddy Holly or something?) of Bettie Page tying up a damsel who must have been naughty.  Looks like it is sped up a bit which makes it so vintage.  Ha! Go Bettie Page & Sorority Girls a& to all the girls...

Gaga Over Lady Gaga 0

Gaga Over Lady Gaga

Seems that everyone is gaga over Lady Gaga, even Babba Wawa, who got the reclusive fame monster to talk about her “bisexuality” (or at least having sex with other women) recently.  But, what I really want to know it where does she shop for her antiquated, far-out, eccentric, avante-garde outfits?...

The Vampire and the Nun 3

The Vampire and the Nun

Given my fetish for both Nuns and Vampires, I don’t know how I missed this! From the presentation of the photos I get this storyline…  Nun brings Vampire back from the undead with her purity.  Vampire seduces Nun, rapes her?, kills her, and then has a cigarette.  Takes her back...

Fetish Queen-Dita Von Teese part1 0

Fetish Queen-Dita Von Teese part1

Part 1- Bio “Born Heather Sweet in West Branch, Michigan, Dita grew up fascinated by Technicolor musicals, pin-up imagery, and vintage lingerie. This naturally blond, mid-western girl then transformed herself into one of the glamour girls she grew up adoring. The undisputed international queen of burlesque, Dita brings classic pin-up...

Bound in White 0

Bound in White

“Luciano Carvari’s ad campaign titled ‘No White’ is absolutely, out of control, amazing. It looks like they figured they should go big, or go home. They sure went big with the ‘No White’ ads.”–Robyn Currie via [Trendhunter]

Femme Fatale Fetish 3

Femme Fatale Fetish

As as film buff Noir films have always been my favorite genre.  I love the black and white, the stark lighting, the slick wet streets, the dangling cigarettes and smoke, but most of all I love the Femme Fatale. “The dark lady, the spider woman, the evil seductress who tempts...

My Zombie Pin-up Calendar 0

My Zombie Pin-up Calendar

Ooooh!  Just in time for Halloween, check out this fab My Zombie Pin-up Calendar and get ready to do the Zombie Walk! Found via CarnalNation.

Sexy Vamp Horror Photography 0

Sexy Vamp Horror Photography

Lady Gaga, “Pop’s newest — and gayest — superstar pulls back the curtain to reveal all is allusion in the art and artifice of fame” in Out Magazine Exclusive with photographs by  by Ellen Von Unwerth and styling by Nicola Formichetti. Source- Trendhunter

Vampire Vogue 0

Vampire Vogue

Looks like Twilight and the Robert Pattinson frenzy has started a sexy vampire trend en Vogue, including this sexy set of sinfully macabre photography series by Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf. “Royal Blood” features models as pale white vampires getting crucifiedwith tributes to Julius Cesar, Princess Di, Jackie-o,  and Marie Antoinette. ...

Anthropomorphism Weirdness 0

Anthropomorphism Weirdness

To continue with the anthropomorphism theme starting with my Timber Wolf Dildo review, the Pony Fetish photography, and my WereWolf erotic story “Hungry Likes Wolves“, I bring you this way weird YouTube video of a guy dancing quite bizarrely dressed-up as several types of human-animals.  Amazing transformations though, but yeah,...

Pony Fetish 0

Pony Fetish

To continue my theme of “anthropomorphism” (the attribution of human characteristics to non-human creatures and beings) I bring you various Pony Play photos from around the web.

Cloistered- Naughty Nun Porn 1

Cloistered- Naughty Nun Porn

Found this gallery of images from and thought it was rather fitting with the fetish nun series I have going on this month.  I bet she wishes she had a JackHammer Jesus! Click Images to Enlarge

Naughty Fetish Underwear Ads 0

Naughty Fetish Underwear Ads

Naughty nun, nurse, maid and secretary.  That about sums up my role playing fetishes.  Now I just need the outfits! Ads for JBS Underwear by Advertising Agency: &Co, Denmark via