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Is Casual Dating An Emotional Abyss?

Casual dating – An emotional abyss? Now that online dating is so popular, there are a lot of sites which specialize in the more casual aspect of hooking up, rather than just solely focusing on serious relationships. Of course, this is nothing new; sex dating has been around for a...


Is Dating Multiple Partners Right for You?

Dating multiple partners at once Not everyone is into monogamy, and in fact there are many people out there who enjoy having more than one partner, whether it is romantic or sexual. This does not mean that we enjoy having multiple wives or husbands as much as we just like...


Topics To Avoid On A First Date

Nothing can make people more nervous than the prospect of a first date. Not only do you want things to go well, but you’re petrified of how uncomfortable the situation will be if things go wrong. One of the best ways to ensure that a first date goes smoothly is...