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breast play

Breast Pump 2

Breast Pump

I have a nipple pump and two cupping sets like this vacuum cupping set, that I use for breast play.  But I’ve always wanted a Breast Pump set like the ones I’ve seen in lactating videos.  So I was pretty excited to get these babies out and try them on....

Nipple Clamps 101 7

Nipple Clamps 101

From my photo shoot Coven 2006 Fatale Femmes Fotography Breasts and nipples are my favorite parts of the female anatomy because they are so fun to play with.  It is very hot playfully torturing a pair of breasts and watching them respond with pleasure, as your play partner moans and...

Vacuum Cupping Set 11

Vacuum Cupping Set

A couple of months ago, I wrote: Zen and the Art of Fire Cupping, reviewing a fire cupping set from Extreme Restraints.  There was a lot of trial and error involved with learning how to use the fire cupping set including burning myself.  I did discover how to safely use...