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adam & eve

Adam & Eve Glass Slipper Vibe 7X 0

Adam & Eve Glass Slipper Vibe 7X

If Cinderella had a Glass Slipper like this one, she never would have needed Prince Charming.  Just saying.  Poor old Cinderella.  Burnt again! The Adam & Eve Glass Slipper Vibe 7X is a vibrating glass dildo that features 7 modes of vibration. Contraire to what it says on the website...

Crystal Crescent Glass Dildo by Adam & Eve 0

Crystal Crescent Glass Dildo by Adam & Eve

I always thought glass sex toys were beautiful, but before I ever tried one I was very skeptical about how they would feel. I mean, glass is hard right? How could something so hard and inflexible feel good in my soft, delicate (okay maybe not so delicate) vagina? Well, it...

Oui Personal Pleasure Massager 0

Oui Personal Pleasure Massager

It’s a UFO!  It’s chocolate after dinner wafer!  It’s a make-up compact?!  No, it’s an Oui Personal Pleasure Massager!  To be truthful, it is one of the oddest looking vibrators I’ve ever owned.  It doesn’t look anything like what a “normal” vibrator would look like–and that’s the whole point. The...

Ginger Pheromone Massage Cream 11

Ginger Pheromone Massage Cream

The Ginger Pheromone Massage Cream by Adam & Eve is a lubricant and massage cream in one.  Rather a unique idea.  Although it doesn’t last long as a lubricant, as a massage cream it is a very nice product.  It soothes on as a light cream and massages into the...