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“Suite Encounters” Erotic Reading Review

"Suite Encounters" Erotic Reading ReviewSuite Encounters“, which is a Cleis Press erotic anthology full of hotel sex stories, is edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel and comes up on the heels of her very popular book “Do Not Disturb” which also focused on hotel sex stories. “Suite Encounters” has 208 pages, and those 208 pages include 20 different erotic stories. The front of the cover, while not explicit, does hint at an erotic book, but you can easily read this in public if you keep the cover out of sight.

The theme, as I said, of this book is “Hotel Sex Stories”. All of the stories in this erotic anthology focus around the idea of hotel sex and sex in hotels. For most of the stories, the sex takes place in the actual hotel room, and the participants in each of the stories varies. Some of the stories include multiple people while other stories just include the two people. Some of the stories are between long-term couples while other stories are between two strangers who just felt the sexual tension. The only thing that’s really common in all of the stories is that they have to, in some way, shape, or form, do with a hotel.

I ended up liking “Suite Encounters”. Because of the hotel setting, a lot of the stories get the feeling of being passionate, “gotta have it” sex which is really hot, and a lot of the stories include elements of people going outside their normal sexual comfort zone by roleplaying or just doing something out of the box because it’s a hotel. It leads to some good sexual stories that are not really your average erotica, and that’s why I usually love hotel sexual anthologies – because of the passion and gotta-have-it-now aspect.

When comparing the two, I don’t feel like “Suite Encounters” has quite the flame that “Do Not Disturb” did. “Do Not Disturb” went straight into my “BEST BOOK EVER” category, and I’ve read it many times since then since the stories just appealed to me so much. While I did enjoy Suite Encounters, and I enjoyed many of the stories, when compared next to “Do Not Disturb”, I’d choose “Do Not Disturb” over this book. However, that’s mostly a personal preference, and you might enjoy the stories in “Suite Encounters” more.

A couple of the stories really did stand out to me:
“Special Request” by Rachel Kramer Bussel – Working at a hotel where she is the person who you go to for special hotel requests, she’ll do anything in her power to make it come true. When her hotel guest comes to her with a sexual request – and it requires the main character herself – though, will she finally have found a request she has to turn down?

In “Feel So Dirty” by Andrea Dale, the main character is staying with her best friend and her best friend’s partner. When her best friend goes out, she finds herself fantasicing about her friend’s partner, and right when she’s about to orgasm, her friend’s partner knocks to make sure she’s okay. When they both go out to get something to drink, will her friend’s partner’s confession make her night’s masturbation session even hotter?

In “Unbound at the Holiday Inn” by Lily K. Cho, the main character and her husband regularly go out to a hotel to celebrate and have a good sexual day away. This time, when their special anniversary rolls around, though, she wants to flip the “roles” in the bedroom.

Really, if you like the idea of putting excitement and the unknown into your erotica, “Suite Encounters” does exactly that. Because of the nature of the stories (all in hotels), you’re never really quite sure what’s going to be the plot or who the characters are going to be. Because of the come-and-go naughty nature of hotels, the stories are even hotter, and it does end up being a solid book of erotic stories. Thanks to Cleis Press for sending out “Suite Encounters” for my reading pleasure.

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