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PopMyCherryReview is open to Guest Bloggers and Regular Contributors who would like to take on a topic, either by contributing one article at a time, or by writing a regular column for the zine.

“Pop culture” is defined by 1. “what is popular within the social context,” 2.  “the widespread cultural elements in any given society that are perpetuated through that society’s vernacular language,” and, 3. “commercial culture, mass produced for mass consumption.”  Sex can be viewed as one of the most—if not the most—prominent aspects of pop culture given that it is used commercially, mass produced for mass consumption.
Pop Culture, Wikipedia.


Here are some ideas on what I would like to see explored:

Historical/ social articles relating to sex, including sexuality, gender, deviant sex, spiritual sex, sex practices and sex toys throughout history and in various cultures.  Examples would be “History of Dildos” or “Pedophilia or Homoeroticism in Ancient Greece.”  These could be written essays or photo/image essays with text.

Sex Icons: I’d like to bio sexual icons throughout history, starting with women, divas, sex goddesses (real or mythical), and celebrities (think silent films, vintage, and retro film icons: Marlene Deitrich!), pin-ups icons (Bettie Page), and also Sex Deviants or those who have somehow changed or impacted sexual culture through their work (de Sade, Leopold von Sacher-Masoch).

Women made Porn– I’d love some profiles/interviews on women made porn and their views on the production of porn (their methods), why it is different than mainstream, what their motives are, if they are hoping to empower, or why it is empowering, etc…  Some examples would be Maria Beatty, Courtney Trouble, Annie Sprinkle and Nina Hartley.

Erotic or Fetish Photographers– Photo essays on erotic/fetish photographers, and/or interviews.  I am more interested in unique, quirky, surreal, phantasmagoric, perverse, and deviant imagery than just mainstream nudes.  Something that makes me take a second look, question it, and be both attracted / repulsed by it. Some examples: Cindy Sherman, Joel Peter Witkin, R. C. Hörsch.

Sex Writers & Eroticists– Kathy Aker, Anais Nin, Patrick Califia, Camille Paglia, ancient written erotica: Sappho, classical erotica, etc… and profiles on them and their writing.  Even classic written porn: Henry Miller, Fanny Hill, Lolita and various essays regarding those.

Fetishization, Sexuality and the Construction of Myths– This is kind of a feminist topic on mass media, pop culture and how woman are constructed or viewed, object vs subject, the gaze, deconstructing myths, etc…

Alt Sex Culture– subculture of body modification, modern primitives, sex rituals, sacred sex, alt models, alt porn, cults.

Sex in Modern Culture– This could be any range of topics, usually newsy or in focus with current events, or ideas you’d like to explore.

Sex Trends– I have been doing these under pop culture and eye candy.  These are mainly new sex trends illustrated by photo galleries, or videos.

Sex News– Weekly updates on exciting sex news blogginess from various sources.  See, SexGenderBody, Sex & Relationships Examiner,,, &

Sex Toy Reviewers– I am also looking for more diverse sex toy (adult product) reviewers for PMCR, based on your gender, specific experience or niche preferences.  Hit me up if you think this is YOU.

Contact me if you are interested with a link to your blog, or a writing sample, or even the article you’d like to submit.  If you have other ideas you’d like to propose, email me at domina @!  I’m open to everything.  And, while I can’t pay for contributions, the is blog gets over 1000 hits a day and up to 10,000 hits on very good days and growing.  I will provide contributors with a byline, links to their site and bio on the contributors page. Looking forward to new contributors and everyone’s ideas!

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Feel Free to Repost- is seeking Guest Bloggers for articles and regular columns.  Visit the sex blog here for details!

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