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Real Nude Statues in the Louvre


Casual nude women posing as statues critiques public nudity & nudes as art.  If it is ok to have a representation of nudes in paintings and sculpture, then why is it not ok to have the real thing?

“Known for his photography for Marc Jacobs and Yves Saint Laurent, Juergen Teller photographed two models, Raquel Zimmerman and Charlotte Rampling, utterly nude in various spots inside the Louvre (Teller was granted an all-access pass). In the photos, the models don’t pose so much as casually lounge—as if it were totally normal to be completely unclothed at the former French Royal palace.

Teller was originally commissioned by French magazine, Paradis, to create these photographs for a leather-bound limited edition book, but the ‘Paradis’ exhibit will also be presented at the Lehmann Maupin Gallery.”from Trendhunter

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  1. Petgirl says:

    There is a Japanese porn movie based on exactly this premise–isn’t there always?–but I can’t remember its name.

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