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I Dare You Game by Susie Bright

The I Dare You Game by sexpert Susie Bright is a sexy little box filled with 30 sexual prompts and dares that you can share with your lover to spice up your relationship.  Each card comes in a pretty sealed envelope (so no peeking) that you or your partner can choose at random.  You tear open the envelope, read the card and do the prompt/dare.

The cards are meant to be used 1 an encounter, so with 30 cards you’d have one sexy encounter for every day/night for a month.

Here’s an example from the box:

TELL ME… a fantasy that you would act out on a moment’s notice, no questions asked, if it was proposed to you—right now.

The questions are all posed with TELL ME… or I DARE YOU… to begin with, so are kind of a Truth or Dare scenario, that hopefully lead to some sexual discovery about you and your partner as well as some inspiration for an encounter.  What you do with those suggestions is up to you.

I’m kind of a pretty box freak, so that was my main reason for wanting to get this game with its pretty ribbon tying the flip-top box together.  But, I also have found many of the questions (like the one above) very intriguing as well.  This game would be a great gift for new lovers or newlyweds, or just for fun to liven up your sex life.

In case you don’t know who Susie Bright is (aka Susie Sexpert) she is a writer, educator, speaker, podcaster audio-show host, and performer who subjects cover all things sex-positive, and has also be called the first sex positive feminist. She co-founded and edited the first woman’s sex magazine back in 1984, and the Herotica erotic woman’s book series, as well as The Best American Erotica series in 1993.  She also was the consultant for the movie Bound and choreographed the lesbian scene between Jennifer Tilly and Gina Gershon (humma-humma!).

This little I Dare You Game is the culmination of Susie’s many years of experience and has many great suggestions to get you started exploring sexually with your partner including fulfilling your fantasies together, trying sensation play, and fun dares to try out.

Buy the “I Dare You Game” by Susie Bright from Babeland.

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