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SpeakEasy 2009
Director: Courtney Trouble
Studio: Reel Queer Productions / Good Releasing
Cast:   Billy Castro,  Cyd Loverboy,  Dallas Fivestar,  Jake,  Jiz Lee,  Lorelei Lee,  Mustache Malone,  Neko Neko,  Pepper Sox,  Princess Donna,  Puck Goodfellow,  Tomcat

2010 Feminist Porn Awards Most Tantalizing Trans Film
Nominated for the 2010 AVN Awards for: Best Music Soundtrack

Wow!  Where was this little gem hiding?  I’ve reviewed a few of Courtney Trouble’s new films under the production of Reel Queer Productions / Good Releasing including Roulette, Nostalgia, Bordello, and Seven Minutes in Heaven: Coming Out.  But, SpeakEasy is the best film I’ve seen by her to date.  It is amazing in every way, from the storyline and characters, to the cinematography and music score, and especially the performances, including Lorelei Lee’s hottest scene ever!  It no wonder it won the 2010 Feminist Porn Awards for Most Tantalizing Trans Film.

Introducing heart-throb, Billy Castro in his film debut, as a Detective on a stakeout whose mission to uncover the nefarious bawdy behavior at a local queer speakeasy and eventually make a bust.  Castro is not quite prepared for his own carnal response as he witnesses explicit sexual behavior from the bar’s patrons, and he becomes ensnared in a lair of queer lust and kinky debauchery.


Set in the 40s, the film fades in and out of black and white creating a neo-noir-esque atmosphere.  Detective Billy Castro stands outside the speakeasy smoking a cigarette and contemplating his stakeout as his voice over reveals his thoughts.  He watches as two dykes enter the bar, Jiz Lee and Dallas Fivestar, then follows in pursuit.

Scene One- Lorelei Lee and Tomcat

Okay, this is Lorelei’s hottest scene ever.  Tomcat is a sexy, dominant trans-man who makes out with hot nymphet Lorelei in a hallway.  And, Wow do they ever make out.  Seriously hot, as he gropes and kisses her, warning her not to make any noise, choking her neck, and then fingering her pussy.  He calls her a little whore as she moans and whines and gasps for breath.  She makes little kitten mewing noises that escalate into crazy dolphin laughter (Lorelei’s signature moan) and nearly hyperventilates from pleasure.  He strips off her dress and starts to eat her out and bite her thighs.  This scene is feverish with sexual excitement.  Fucking hot!  He takes off his shirt, hot tattoos.  He chokes her and smacks her face and continues to manhandle her.  All this time they are standing pressed up against a wall.  They are both sweaty from sex and he is telling her the whole bar is looking at her and wants her, smacks her tits and keeps diddling her from behind.  At this point, I need to take a diddle break myself for a minute. BRB.  Okay that’s better… I continue to watch with pants around my ankles in salacious expectation…

Tomcat spanks her ass and rubs her pussy, finger fucking her hard.  Lorelei’s ass glows red hot and shines.  Back to making out against the wall, they are dripping with sweat.  He hits her spot, both hands working her, one on her clit, one on her g-spot, and she whimpers like a dolphin and comes hardcore.  Whoa… I need a break after that scene.  I am completed exhausted and feverish with desire.

Black and White Interlude

People mingle in the bar as Lorelei goes to the bathroom to fix her make-up and hair.  Her guy, Tomcat goes to sit with the other boys at a table to down a beer.  The detective, Billy Castro, stands at the bar drinking a pint and his voice over continues…

Scene Two- Bondage with Jiz Lee and Dallas Fivestar

Jiz Lee and Dallas Fivestar have a certain chemistry together.  It is clear they are hot for one another, and in real life share a professional respect.  Dallas begins to tie up Jiz with rope against a metal girder inside the bar. She does very nice rigging, arms tied behind her back, breasts bound.  Dallas bends Jiz against the metal girder and starts suspending her, first the torso, then one leg lifted and bent at the knee, spreading her open so she can eat her cunt.  Jiz floats in space as Dallas sucks and licks her.  Dallas works her over hard, massaging her g-spot, then ties Jiz’s other ankle and suspends that leg so she is now freely swinging.  It is the perfect position for finger fucking and Jiz moans, saying, “yayaya”.  The lighting is stark and severely angled, making the scene even more nourish.  Dallas unties Jiz and repositions her into another suspension.  It is a slow seduction with the rope, and then Dallas bangs her g-spot until Jiz squirts copious amounts of fluid, again and again.  She spanks her pussy then bangs her again as she squirts even more.  Super juicy, hot sexy scene.

Black and White Interlude

Tomcat and his buddies are having an arm wrestle at their table, while girls kiss at a piano. Lorelie and Tomcat have a bit of a spiff and he calls her a whore and smacks her in the face.

Scene Three- Cyd Loverboy and Mustache Malone

Two bartender boys, Cyd Loverboy and Mustache Malone, are necking behind the bar, both sporting lots of tattoos.  Rockabilly is playing in the background.  Cyd plays bottom while Malone takes the lead.  Malone kneels to sucks the Cyd’s faux cock with lots of enthusiasm.  Next Malone bends Cyd over the bar, sporting his own faux dick and starts to fuck him.  Cyd looks like he’s in pain and is moaning loudly and it is hard to tell if he is enjoying it or not.  “Oh, God, fuck.”  Yep, he’s enjoying it.  Malone spanks his ass and drives into him, hot frenzy fucking, mad ravenous desire.  I love watching people in a fucking frenzy, driven mad by passion.

They slow it down and start necking.  Cyd pops himself up on the bar, legs spread as Malone fucks his pussy and sucks his cock, finger fucking his face all at once, showing ample dexterity.  Malone is punching Cyd’s pussy so hard Cyd’s cock is wiggling Dixie.  They switch and Cyd lies on the bar to suck Malone’s cock, very deep.  Malone turns him over and fucks him doggie on the bar.  Fucking frenzy continues.  “Oh fuck”, he comes and they get back to work.  Very passionate frenzy fucking scene.

Black and White Interlude

Lorelei is dancing with the detective dude and old boyfriend, Tomcat breaks in.  A fist fight ensues complete with special effect sound punches, making it rather of comical.  The onlookers spur them on as they punch each other out, then Lorelei seduces the fallen detective, Billy Castro.

Scene Four- Lorelei Lee and Billy Castro

Billy Castro is super hot, with wicked gray and black tattoos on his back and arm-sleeve.  Lorelei seduces him and surprise; he has a big bulge in his pants, which is soon revealed as a big black silicone cock.  Must be goliath.  Lorelei gives him head, then plants herself on top of his great cock and humps him. Dolphin sounds ensue and she rides him hard as he grunts like a monkey.  He bends her over a table and fucks her from behind. Lucky girl… Fucked twice in one night by two hot guys.  How do I get her job?  Raunchy fuck continues and is super hot as  he lays her back on the table and fucks her good, first nice and slow then builds up to harder and deeper.  Next, Billy switches to fists her g-spot, and Lorelei squirts like a gushing waterfall. More fisting and waterfall action, dolphin squeals echoing off the walls of the bar.  Lorelei is insatiable and dripping wet.  Maybe she and Jiz Lee should have a Squirt Out for the title of Squirt Queen?  This scene is just the icing on the sexy frosted cake, like an exclamation point at the end of a hot queer fuck-extravaganza.

SpeakEasy rocks in more ways than one.  Every scene sizzles with furious passion, real orgasms, and hot explicit queer sex.  If you are going to see any of Courtney Trouble’s flicks, this would be the one.

Check out SpeakEasy at and Good Releasing.  You won’t be disappointed!

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