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Nina Hartley’s Guide to G-spot Sex

Studio: Adam & Eve
Category: Instructional
Director: Ernest Greene
Starring: Carmen Luvana, Melissa Lauren, Nicole Sheridan, Nina Hartley, Voodoo
Released on: 10/2/2005

I love Nina Hartley and it is always a pleasure to receive and review one of her guides. Nina began her adult film career in 1984 with Educating Nina about the same time she received her nursing degree and has made 650 adult films since then. Although Nina has never worked as a nurse, she uses her skills to educate others in the porn industry. Daughter of Zen Buddhists and feminists, Nina adopted their philosophies and is an advocate of female sexual empowerment, believing that women should “take control over their own pleasure…” Nina has won several AVN Awards and has been inducted to the AVN Hall of Fame.

Nina Hartley began creating educational videos in 1996 with her first “how-to” DVD: “Nina Hartley’s Guide to Swinging”. She now has twenty-three guides in her repertoire including her latest three “Guide to Great Sex During Pregnancy” (2008), “Guide to Bondage Sex” (2008), and “Nina Hartley’s Guide to Female Ejaculation” (2007). The guides are targeted towards couples who are interested in exploring the hedonistic pleasures of adventurous sex and cover a wide range of topics including spanking, strap-ons, female ejaculation, stripping, group sex, erotic massage and even foot fetishes. All of Nina’s guides are directed by her husband Ernest Greene.

Nina Hartley’s Guide to G-spot Sex” (2005) is the eleventh sex guide in the series and features her usual format: Prologue Chat with Nina, Hands-on Demo, Feature Sex Scene, Bonus Scene, Interview with Nina, Behind the Scenes, as well as the usual Previews and Gallery.

Prologue Chat

In this guide, Nina recruits Carmen Luvana to chat about G-spot sex in a Q&A format in which Nina acts as educator. Nina knows her subject well, is articulate and enthusiastic. Unfortunately, poor Carmen has trouble stumbling over her dialogue. To be fair, I’m not sure how many takes Carmen had (I’m guessing one) so this may be a directorial problem, which doesn’t make sense since digital video is so cheap. Fortunately, I was too distracted by her hotness to really care. I was disappointed that Carmen is not in any of the sex scenes though, which was surprising since she’s the co-host. The coolest part about this segment, however, is that Nina uses a huge anatomical map of the female pelvis to enlighten the viewer on what the G-spot is and where it is located. Nina’s demonstration with the chart is enlightening and makes G-spot anatomy easy to understand.

Demo Scene

Nina’s been getting pretty kinky lately and this demonstrative scene shows plenty of that. Nina and her sexy friend Melissa Lauren (Fashionistas: Safado 2007) are dressed in skin-tight PVC: Nina as a naughty nurse and Melissa as the patient in a gynecological chair. One of my favorite role-playing fantasies is nurse/patient so I absolutely loved this scene. Melissa Lauren is French and has a very sexy accent. Nina explains that the G-spot only reveals itself once a woman is turned on and commences foreplay on Melissa whose spread eagle in stir-ups. After a bit of foreplay and cunnilingus, Nina slips on latex gloves and gives Melissa an internal examination. This is where the scene really gets interesting. Nina inserts a speculum into Melissa’s vagina, showing viewers the spongy tissue of the G-spot. This is up-close-and-personal and you can really see the spongy tissue inflating like a little wrinkled balloon. Later, an anal speculum is inserted and Nina shows how the G-spot can be massaged indirectly through the anus with more subtlety, which Nina explains is her favorite way to stimulate herself. Nina then demonstrates various G-spot toys and the best positions for G-spot sex, using her strap-on, which includes missionary style, doggy style and the old reverse cowgirl.

Feature Sex Scene

After a brief intermission with Nina and Carmen, husband and wife team Nicole Sheridan and Voodoo take center stage. I have watched Nicole and Voodoo in other films by Nina and their performance here lacks their normal sizzle. Nicole pretends that they are exploring her G-spot for the first time, which requires suspending your disbelief. After all, she is a seasoned porn star. Because of this the scene craves their customary “wow” factor and their exceptional chemistry. They do, however, illustrate the best positions for G-spot sex, which is constructive.

Bonus Scene

I really don’t enjoy bonus scenes that don’t relate to the topic at hand. This one seems to have been thrown in for promo reasons from producers Adam & Eve. It is a scene from “University of Austyn” (2005) featuring a cheerleader going down on a geek and then sex in varying positions. I didn’t see a G-spot anywhere.

So should you buy this guide?

I would give this film 3 out of 5 cherries. There is definitely something to be learned here and the scene between Nina and Melissa is great, worth the price alone. For those who know little about finding their G-spot, this guide would be insightful. I appreciate that Nina spends time afterward in her interview talking about her own G-spot experiences and letting women know that every experience is different. Nina has never experienced female ejaculation, so advises women not to make ejaculation their ultimate goal, but to enjoy the journey of exploration and orgasm in itself. My only quip about the film is the sometimes amateurish quality: sound, cinematography, editing and dialogue. If Nina (or her partner Ernest Greene) could figure this stuff out I’m sure they’d make a million. Oh, wait, they already have.

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