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SINsual Shot Sexual Energy Drink Review

I have reviewed other types of sexual energy drinks in the past, including a weird herbal tea that is supposed to make you uber-orgasmic, as well as Shunga’s Sexual Energy Herbal Supplements (different formulas for men and women).  Having tried several types, I still tend to be a bit skeptical about these type of products and their ability to bring hyper-sensitivity and orgasmic bliss.  However, I am always willing to use my body for sexual pseudo-science!

SINsual Shot is new and claims to be the only sexual energy drink that can be used by both men and women alike.  It comes in two flavors: Forbidden Fruit (watermelon) and Chocolate Mint.  I tasted both of these before giving my guy the Forbidden Fruit and settling for the Chocolate Mint.  You are supposed to mix them with alcohol, but we just drank them as shots and then chased them with our vodka drinks.  Blek!  I don’t recommend drinking them unmixed.  Both have a medicinal/herbal aftertaste which is gag-me-with-a-spoon gross.  The Forbidden Fruit is very synthetic tasting, but the Chocolate Mint wasn’t as bad.  I think it would have tasted okay in a Baileys/Vodka drink.  So much for following directions.

About an hour after ingesting SINsual Shot, I felt an electric tingle in my genitals, mainly my clitoris and my vulva felt very flushed.  My guy said he felt nothing, but he may have been slightly drunk by that point.  The tingling feeling only lasted about 15 minutes and then I didn’t feel anything after that.  Both of us felt a bit hyped up energy-wise, which could have been from the Vitamin B-12, which is a natural energy booster and also helps focus the mind.

I did get off that evening, but I wouldn’t say my orgasm was any more eventful that usual.  Perhaps if I had of climaxed while my clit was tingling it would have made a difference, but I was waiting for my guy to feel the effects which never happened, and by the time we had sex, mine had worn off.

While SINsual seemed to work for me, at least for a short period, it didn’t do much for my guy.  Maybe he is immune to herbal enhancements, I don’t know.  SINsual is 100% natural and definitely has ingredients that are known aphrodisiacs including arginine, horny goat weed, Maca root, Mucuna Pruniens extract, GABA, and ginseng.  Add the Vitamins B-12, and this should make for a potent energy cocktail.  I certainly think it would enhance the libido for most people, especially those who need a bit of a boost.  For those who don’t need a boost, I’m sure it would add to any sexual experience.

You can purchase SINsual Shot online via their store.  Soon it will be available via grocery and convenience stores as well as gas stations, so pretty cool.  Visit to find out more.

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  1. i had tried so many of those sorts of drinks. none of them worked, ever. i’m not surprised that this one didn’t work THAT well either =/ one day though … one day a drink will come out that you dont have to mix with Liq. to work or taste better. haha

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