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Sex in the Shower Dual Locking Suction Handle Review and Giveaway

What could be sexier than hot, wet, steamy, slippery sex in the shower?  A Dual Locking Suction Handle to make sure you don’t wipe out in the heat of the moment.  Today I’m reviewing the Sex in the Shower Dual Locking Suction Handle by Sportsheets from

But first!  Here are the details on how you can win one too!

To enter the contest, do the following to get 1 entry each:

  1. Leave us comment on this page telling us you want to Win the Dual Locking Suction Handle. You have to do this one to win, and be willing to send us your address so we can send you your prize if you win.  The other ways to enter below will give you 1 extra entry, and while not mandatory, we truly appreciate your support!
  2. Tell us 1 eco-friendly thing you pledge to do to help make the world greener.  (This can be eliminating toxic ingredients from your products, recycling, planting a tree or garden, using greener products, using energy saving light bulbs or whatever you want to do).  We would also love it if you would PLEDGE this for our “a Billion Acts of Green®” page as well.
  3. If you have twitter please add @DominaDoll & @AdamandEve to your twitter and re-tweet about our contest: Visit for “Green Sex Toy Month” and enter contests to WIN!
  4. If you have Facebook you can also LIKE PopMyCherryReview and AdamandEve.  We really appreciate the support!
  5. Finally, if you have a blog, please repost our “Green Sex Toy Month” post to encourage others to enter.

So, while you may not think a plastic handle suction duo-thingy may be “green” it is.  Having sex in the shower with a buddy saves on water that showering and bathing alone can waste.  And, with more than one billion people not having access to clean water, water is a luxury, so should be shared with a friend.

Sex in the Shower Dual Locking Suction Handle Review

The Sex in the Shower Dual Locking Suction Handle is fairly straight forward.  It allows you and your partner to get into various positions without slipping all around in the bathtub and therefore preventing unwanted accidents.

To position, simply open the two locks on the handle, moisten the two suction cups, then press the handle firmly against the wall of your shower or any smooth surface.  Press the two locking handles down flat and Voila!—your Dual Locking Suction Handle is now firmly in place, with a strong vacuum seal that won’t budge.

I tried hanging on this baby once it was in place and fully secured and I couldn’t budge it.  The handle allows you to hold on while you have hot slippery sex, standing frontal or doggie style, and many other positions I’m sure I could not even imagine.  Make sure not to position the handle over a crack in a tile or between tiles, but on the flat, smooth area of the tile only.

Want to win the Sex in the Shower Dual Locking Suction Handle from Adam and Eve?  Comment below to enter.  Also, get 20% off with Coupon Code: AECOUPON if you shop at!

Comment to enter below.

Good luck!

(Contest open to adult 18+ in the continental US and Canada only).

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24 Responses

  1. J Lavoie says:

    Very cool. I’d love to win one.

  2. Splendwhore says:

    I want to win the Dual Locking Suction Handle!!

  3. Splendwhore says:

    I hand wash all of my dishes to conserve on water… does that count as eco-friendly? 😀

  4. Splendwhore says:

    I like Pop My Cherry Review & Adam and Eve on Facebook!

  5. Splendwhore says:


    Splendwhore at gmail dot com

  6. Gabrielle says:

    What a great idea. I would love to win one of these.

  7. Carolyne says:

    I very much want to Win the Dual Locking Suction Handle!! Holy cow, we moved last week and were just yesterday bemoaning the fact that our new shower doesn’t have an interior towel rack like the old one did. (Why the old shower had one is anyone’s guess… but we really appreciated it!)

    We do a lot of things in our quest to be green… but perhaps showering together to conserve water is the most appropriate one to list here. 😉

  8. Diedre says:

    I’d love to win this! Looks like so much fun.

  9. Raven Quince says:

    I would absolutely love to have these 🙂 Mmmmm. Shower sex with no concussions FTW!

  10. Raven Quince says:

    Green acts are an everyday commitment. Opt for products with less packaging and that require less energy to recycle (i.e. glass is better than Tetra packs).

  11. Raven Quince says:

    I already follow @DominaDoll and @AdamandEve on Twitter

  12. Krystal says:

    I would love to win this!

  13. Krystal says:

    I follow both on twitter and tweet


  14. I want to win! There’s no way I can have sex in my shower at my new place but these will come in very handy

  15. I pledge to recycle all of my sex toy packaging

  16. I follow DominaDoll and Adam&Eve on Twitter as @lucidobsession and Tweeted –!/lucidobsession/status/62184496023343105

  17. I like PopMyCherry and Adam&Eve on Facebook as Lucid Obsession

  18. macho99 says:

    I’d love to win!

  19. macho99 says:

    i subscribe to your feed.

  20. macho99 says:

    i liked on facebook manila matt

  21. MJoy says:

    A must have!

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