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Sex-How to do Everything with Em & Lo

Sex: How to Do Everything— Episode One
British Television Series—Available on DVD
With Em & Lo

SEX: How to Do Everything is a ten-part British television series hosted by sex columnists Em and Lo (Emma Taylor and Lorelei Sharkey) of Each episode is focused on a certain topic like seduction, kink or oral sex and features anecdotes, facts, tips, how-to demos, interviews, as well as a sex confessional booth in Times Square.  The series is now available on DVD and I was asked to review Episode One.

Episode One is all about oral sex.  There is a brief intro that you can see below, and then it takes you to various snipets that show oral sex between hetero partners and give you very basic tips like “shower first”, moaning, etc…  They then talk about a few basic techniques but none of these are really demonstrated fully.  One good tip was to trace the ABCs with your tongue on the clit, which sounds fun.  They note the most sensitive areas on a woman’s vulva which they say are under the clit head, the urethra, the vagina opening and the perineum.  Again, fairly basic, so not very informative if you’ve already gotten that far.  They also warn not to blow directly into the vagina, something I have never heard of before.  The Fellatio tips are pretty basic as well, such as using your hand as an extension of your mouth.

There are a few interesting parts of the show including artist Jamie McCartney who creates vulva art with plaster molds of women’s vulvas in an attempt remove the negative stigmas some women have about their genitals and to dispel myths of what the average (perfect) vulva looks like.  Also, Georgie and Dougie are a couple who are doing sexual explorations for the show and Georgie takes a course from the amazing Midori called Joystick Secrets (how to perform fellatio).  A few good tips are given here, but it is pretty short so you don’t get the full knowledge that Midori has to share, if you were taking one of her workshops or watching one of her DVDs.  Last, Em and Lo interview Al, a self-fellatio expert who demonstrates how he can suck himself off (quite an amazing talent!) with practice and yoga techniques.

Overall, SEX: How to Do Everything is a fun little series with some interesting tidbits, but is mainly focused on intro-level, heterosexual couples who want to find out a little more about that topic.  I wish Em and Lo had also added some resources where people could find more information, perhaps books, DVDs, workshops, website links, etc… because the topic in this show is only scratching the surface and not very comprehensive.  Fun, entertaining, but lacking ample how-to techniques, so fairly rudimentary.

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