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“Say Please” Erotic Reading Review

"Say Please" Erotic Reading ReviewSay Please“, a Cleis Press erotic anthology edited by Sinclair Sexsmith, is a book of lesbian BDSM erotica. It includes 203 pages, and in those pages, there are 23 different stories. The book follows traditional Cleis Press erotica design standards, and the text is very easy to read. The front of the book (and back) displays a woman crouching in a corset and kinky gloves, so it may not be the most discreet book to read in public.

The tagline for this erotica book is “Lesbian BDSM Erotica”. As you can guess, this niche of erotic book tends to be rarer as it is so specific, so this is certainly a treat to read. The book focuses on female/female couples (obviously), and many times, there is a butch/femme as that seems to go along with the power-exchange aspect of BDSM. However, not all of the stories include butch/femme couplings, and some of them include BDSM couples where power exchange is not the main feature of the erotic story.

Once of the main things I liked about this erotic collection was the fact that it is so unique. It’s very difficult to find any BDSM book that focuses on lesbians only, and that’s exactly what this book did. The book includes a lot of women strapping on cocks/dildos, but the book is focused on the power exchange between the two females as well as the kink and bdsm. Again, though, the power exchange is the biggest feature in most of the stories, and the bottom submits quite freely while the top takes the power and uses it for deliciously kinky things.

Like many lesbian erotica collections, the book does have a lot of sex toy use as well as some language that includes calling the top “Daddy”. For some, this will be hot, and for others, this may not be a sexy thing. For me, I don’t find it sexy, but there are only a couple stories that use the language, so it’s not something that gets in the way of enjoying the book.

I liked quite a few of the erotic stories in this erotic anthology. I can’t say that I was impressed with all of them, but quite a few of them stuck in my mind as being sexy stories. Some of the stories came across as just “meh”, though, as far as sexiness goes, but I still enjoyed reading the stories. This collection didn’t seem to have as many sexy, turn-me-on stories as much as other collections have, but it’s probably also because I may not be the target audience.

I also will give a warning that this book includes two stories that may not agree with all – there’s one about giving blowjobs to the point of vomiting and another includes some pee. Just in case you happen to be sensitive about those things; you can easily avoid those stories if that’s going to squick you though, and I think that both fetishes were well presented in each story.

Despite this, there were definitely some stories I was impressed by. Some of them were:

In “The Keys” by Anna Watson, the main female character is in a marriage with a guy, but when she finds herself staring at the trainer during a dolphin show, she figures she needs to hit up a lesbian bar that night. Of course, who else would she see at the bar aside from the trainer? And who just happens to follow her into the bathroom and push her into a stall where very kinky things happen?

In “Going the Distance” by Elaine Miller, a lesbian brings over teleskyping equipment over to another woman’s house – so the woman can video chat with her own female lover who is away. Of course, the distanced lover chose this lesbian to bring the equipment as the lesbian was very interested in being the stand-in – if the distanced lover got to watch.

In “Spanking Booth” by Dusty Horn, a spanking booth brings in an insolent girl who doesn’t “want” to be spanked but consents to it because of her friends. As the female top continues with the spanking in front of the crowd, the bottom finds that she’s really enjoying herself.

If you like kink and would enjoy reading about genuine lesbians enjoying BDSM and kink, “Say Please” stands its ground as a fantastic book in a pretty vacant genre. Not all of the stories rocked my boat, but there were definitely enough stories in this collection to make it worth re-reading again. Thanks to Cleis Press for providing the Say Please erotic book for review.

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