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Pearl Thunder


The Pearl Thunder is made by Vibratex, the sex toy manufacturer who created the famous Rabbit Habit and started the dual-stimulation craze popularized by “Sex in the City”.  Vibratex is known for making whimsical vibrators with caricature faces on the head, a throw-back to when the Japanese needed to disguise their sex toys as something less erotic.  But, don’t let the Thunder’s pretty head fool you.  This toy is sturdy and made of high-quality, phthalate-free elastomer that endows it with its excellent form and function.  (See my article here to learn more about the dangers of phthalates).

The Thunder’s appearance looks simple enough.  A phallic shaft with a large bulbous head and a clitoral stimulator at the base above the sliding dual control buttons.  However, this vibrator has a complex design with a series of motors and gears inside that give the toy its ultimate performance and features that will surprise you when you turn this baby on.

So let’s take the toys features one by one, starting at the bottom and working up.  The built-in control panel at the base features two sliding buttons that independently engage the clitoral stimulator and the shaft’s complex manipulations.  The buttons slide up and down increasing or decreasing vibration and rotation speed.  The clitoral stimulator is like a small forked tongue that snuggles the clitoris ensuring stimulation from either side.  Most women are more sensitive to clitoral stimulation on the upper right side of the clitoris at about the 10 o’clock position (a trick I learned from a lesbian friend of mine) and the clit stimulator flickers that precise spot perfectly.  The vibrations run from mild to very strong depending on where your place the sliding button.

Now the shaft.  At the base of the shaft there is a bulge containing small “pearls” that rotate around to stimulate the vulva and vagina opening.  This is similar in design to the Rabbit Habit vibe and is one of the features that first made it unique.  My first Rabbit Habit vibe eventually broke down in this area, but Vibratex has improved on this design element, so the rotating beads mechanism should last a long time.  The Pearl Thunder has an added feature that the Rabbit doesn’t have, which gives this toys its kicker.  The upper shaft rotates as well with a swing motion, swooping around like the head of a cobra dancing to a snake charmer’s flute.  The unique way the shaft rotates allows for perfect G-spot stimulation which is sure to hit the spot.  Oh, and that’s not all.  The shaft lights up and flashes like a disco dick.  The only thing this vibe doesn’t do is play music, but I’m sure Vibratex will come up with that soon as well!

The bulbous head is very large in width and softly textured.  It has a spongy feel that is flexible to allow for comfortable insertion.  I will warn you however, if you have a small vaginal opening use lots of lube with this toy.  The head’s girth is massive in proportion to the Rabbit’s head being nearly 1/2″ larger in diameter.  I had trouble getting the head inside me and once inside I couldn’t get it much further my first couple of tries.  Since I have never had children my vagina is still fairly small, so I wouldn’t recommend this toy to virgins or women with tight vaginas.

The second time I used it I tried it on my girlfriend who has had children.  She had no problem accommodating the vibe’s girth and enjoyed the toy immensely.  The upper shaft swooped around hitting her G-spot every time.  In fact, she came five times in a row spraying everything in sight with female ejaculate.  Insatiable!  Next time I’ll remember to bring my ark or at least keep my wetsuit handy.  I ended up giving her the toy as a “thank you” for being such a good sport and allowing me to use her so thoroughly for my review.  It is now her ultimate favorite of sex toys.

I would recommend the Pearl Thunder to women who want to be thickly penetrated and find other vibes too small.  For them, the Thunder will give them everything they want in a vibe: G-spot stimulation, clitoral pleasure and more.  For women who are small, however I would recommend staying with my old favorite the Rabbit Habit, which has now been newly redesigned with the same elastomer material making it a safe choice for dual-action play.

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