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Online Dating Adventures

I have to admit that I had no idea what to write about today. I thought of a few things, and the one story I really want to tell is unfortunately top secret. I’ll only be able to write that one if I survive the other people involved and even then probably using a pen name. Yes, it’s that juicy. No matter on much you beg, my lips will remained sealed until I figure out a way to tell this story without suffering any major repercussions. Meanwhile, to satisfy your perverse curiosity and my inclination for exhibitionism here’s another tale altogether.  

To get you up to speed, I was laid off last September and shortly thereafter I found myself  browsing the Internet and I fell upon a link named “Top 30 distracting websites when you’re unemployed”. Eager to distract myself, I took a peak and among these websites I spotted an online dating site. Bored and always open to new experiences, no matter how embarrassing, I opened up shop. A few pointless conversations later, I soon started to give up on the idea, but some poor soul’s profile caught my eye. 

Not being one to waste time, I got straight down to business and it wasn’t long before we were sending each other the most deliciously dirty emails back and forth. Just thinking about it makes my knees weak. We exchanged pictures (more weakness in the knees), we exchanged phone numbers and as it would turn out our first conversation consisted of moans and groans. We had already heard each other cum before exchanging our first words. Throw in a few more actual conversations and it went on like this for a few weeks until we decided to meet for the first time. 

As luck would have it,  by which I mean none at all, obstacles kept throwing themselves across our path. Our first date was cancelled because he got robbed the night before, and our second first date nearly didn’t happen, because he had a bike accident which left him practically unable to walk. I suggested he come over anyway and that I would be glad to play nurse. He agreed as long as I understood that he was incapable of any pelvic movement whatsoever. 

I hurried to get ready, jumping in the shower to shave my legs as well as other key body parts. The doorbell rang while I was still in the shower and the first time we would see each other I was standing in my doorway, soaking wet, wearing nothing but a towel. I swear I thought I would have more time to get ready. Thankfully, he was a good sport and waited in the dinning room while I finished getting ready and soon enough, I was sitting in front of him feeling awkward as hell.

He had the foresight to suggest an ice breaker and leaned in to kiss me. We sat there for a long time, tentatively kissing each other, feeling each other out and lightly touching each other’s skin. Of the things he told me at the dinning room table, three stand out 1. “you’re skin is incredibly soft” 2. “let me put it this way, your hands are having the same effect on me as your words and voice have had so far” 3. “you’re lips are amazing, it’s as if they’re always anticipating something or the world should always anticipate what’s about to come out of them”. 

Our movements grew more intense and eager, our hands furtively searching for warm areas to burry themselves in. He leaned away from me, sliding his finger out of my cunt and into his mouth while staring straight at me. My pussy clenched at the sight and I had to ask: ” do you like the way I taste?”. Nodding his head, a smile spread across his face as he whispered: “yes”. I suggested we move to my bedroom. 

A few solid hours of making out, conversation and touching each other ensued. Lips and tongues making their way across our bodies, hands and fingers probing and kneading. Grunts and gasps: “I can’t believe how wet you are”. “Oh god, I’m going to cum”, “No, not yet”, “Ok”. He goes last, his cock sliding inside my hand, his warmth coming out in spurts covering my hand, my arm, his thigh. His thigh, where I collapse, laying my head on his knee, cupping his deflating penis in my hand. Keeping it warm as the blood disperses. His hand reaching down to mine, our thumbs hooked together, at rest. 

Before he left, he hugged me a very long time and kissed me. “I’ll call soon. I’ll see you soon” he said on his way out, smiling as he left. He called me three days later, he was on his way out to hang out with a friend, their Sunday routine. He sounded happy to talk to me and asked if he could call me later tonight. I said I would like that. He never called. A few days later, he called again made everything sound good, like he wanted to see me. The following Sunday: “I’ve had a really good time with you, but that being said I don’t want to see you again”. Why? Apparently, he was really comfortable with the way his life was at the moment and that despite the fact that he found our interactions incredibly hot and found himself feeling comfortable in my presence he just didn’t think we were compatible. Why? Your guess is as good as mine.  

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14 Responses

  1. Domina Doll says:

    Wow! That was so hot. Why didn’t he call? So weird… Maybe he was one of those guys who troll for booty calls on online dating sites? So sad… His loss I think!

    • Bah, I maintain that he was a nice guy. Just didn’t feel it I guess. It happens.

      You know what I don’t get about guys who troll for one night stands…If you have great casual sex with a person once, why not again? I mean seriously, it only gets better after that….or are they so afraid of commitment that fucking someone twice makes them all claustrophobic and ready to run….or is it really just a matter of wanting to fuck as many people as possible and who the hell cares about quality….

      • Domina Doll says:

        Good points. I think definitely some guys get afraid of the commitment thing, like if they date (fuck) you more than once then it is like Samson cutting his hair off and they loose all their “power” over you. Perhaps, once, you can still be an object, but twice they have to start considering you as a human being. And. some, maybe its even a numbers things. Although you would think after a while it would all become a blur. There can’t be much fun in claiming numbers, except they think it makes them a stud i guess, like Gene Simmons claim of 10,000 women or something crazy like that. Who cares? Except I’d be wary of STDs with someone who makes those kind of claims.

        • If you’ve slept with that many people how the hell do you remember them all? Did he sit down one day and write a list? Is it even possible to sleep with that many people in a live time? You’d have to sleep with one new person everyday for 27 years and isn’t he married?

          • Domina Doll says:

            Ya, he’s married. I guess she’s down with that? Not sure. He probably did a lot of whoring while touring. Ha! Maybe a few girls at once every night. I wouldn’t doubt it. But I’m sure he doesn’t remember most of them. And he’s probably only estimating unless he started a list at the very beginning. His claim to fame anyway. That and spitting blood. What a catch!

  2. LetsEatCake says:

    Usually I find that in these situations, one person tends to get attached. So, perhaps he felt he would get attached, or that you would, and decided it would be best to call it quits before that had a chance of happening.

    Most men can’t accept that a woman is perfectly fine just being fuck buddies.

    How little they know 🙂

  3. Felix Jones says:

    Great post! Loved the story, below is my recent brush with the interwebs.

    I started chatting with a married woman over Facebook.

    Eventually we switcehd to MSN and got the cam involved one evening, I’d not done this but I always fantasized about having a woman watch me play. She watched intently and with a big grin while I stroked my cock, her eyes got bigger when I lubed up a large beer bottle and put it in my ass. I finished the evening by coming and licking my fingers clean.

    The following week we met in a park in a neutral location and had sex up against a tree, nervously listening for any passing cars or pedestrians. Unfortuantely the sex wasn’t very good, apparently she had been celibate for something like 10 years. It was the only time we met, and the only time I put on that type of a cam show.

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